Disney World Showdown

Did you know that Disney can play a powerful role in child development?

Disney movies tend to have relatable things that children can connect with, making a trip to Orlando a perfect gift. Surprising your kids with a gift to Disney can become a core memory, especially if you tailor the trip to their interests.

Since each park specializes in something unique, you must find the best Disney World Park for your family. Keep reading below to discover your options!

Disney's Animal Kingdom

One of the best Disney World Parks people visit is the Animal Kingdom.

Moana, the Tree of Life, and Nemo are recurring characters in this park. You can explore all the different cultures and animals in this theme park. While you're all busy absorbing the beauty and fun, don't forget to look for the hundreds of animal carvings scattered around.

Another popular spot in the Animal Kingdom is the Avatar Flight of Passage. You'll get a taste of the entire world if you reserve an Animal Kingdom room!

Typhoon Lagoon

Disney World is home to two different water parks, but many argue that Typhoon Lagoon is the best.

Typhoon Lagoon has a surf pool, endless slides, and a whitewater experience for the family to enjoy. Ketchakiddee Creek is an ideal spot to soak up the sun if you're bringing younger children. The kids can play with the diverse water toys, slides, and cannons while making new friends!

Magic Kingdom

When people think of Disney World, the iconic Cinderella Castle often comes to mind.

If you're planning your first trip to Disney or want to go back to the foundations, this is the place to be. You can experience your family's version of Happily Ever After, which is a beautiful firework, light, and laser show. You can also step out of your comfort zone and hop on a speedy ride like the TRON Lightcycle or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

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Hollywood Studios

Do you consider yourself a Star Wars, Toy Story, or animation fan?

Hollywood Studios is the perfect place to go on Disney rides and to eat great food. This is no doubt the best Disney World Park for families that like excitement and thrill. If you're willing to do something scary, check out the Twilight-zone Tower, overlooking the park!

This is also a great place to enter the worlds of Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and Disney Junior favorites.

Discover & Explore the Best Disney World Parks

You don't want to make the mistake that others have previously made, in booking the wrong Disney theme park.

The best Disney World Parks will depend on your children's favorite movies and characters. When your kids can recall memories from their cozy movie nights, they become more meaningful in person. You can help your children, no matter what age they are, connect with their inner spirit.

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