Want to enhance your online presence and attract targeted traffic to the site? You can do this using the powerful Google Ads platform. 

However, setting up such ads can be challenging: Google Ads offers countless options and features that only a specialist with relevant experience can understand. You need to know all the nuances to achieve the desired results.

The solution is to contact the Google PPC agency in Calgary, which knows all the nuances of Google PPC management and can optimize campaign settings to ensure the business results you have always sought.

Why You Should Assign Google Ads Management to An Agency?

We have compiled the top 3 benefits of why you should choose a professional Google ads management:

1. Google AdWords management services experience

As you can see, Google Ads is a very complex platform. To make the most of its potential requires in-depth knowledge and experience, which can be found with professionals specializing in this field. 

2. Continuous monitoring and optimization

Your task as a business owner is to focus on what you do best. You need more time to constantly monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. 

That is why it is better to entrust this task to a team that can control all changes, identify areas for improvement, and implement the most effective and innovative optimization strategies. 

3. Time and cost savings

Managing advertising campaigns in Google can take a long time, especially for companies with limited resources and manpower.

In turn, hiring a team in-house can be quite expensive.

The best option is to entrust Google Ads management in Calgary to an agency that specializes in such work. 

You can contact Zwebra - a company that knows all the nuances of customizing advertising, monitors the latest trends, and implements effective strategies to achieve optimal results.

The Average Cost of Google Ads Management

Not sure if your business needs professional Google PPC management services?

We compiled a few points that will help you understand when you should order AdWords campaign management in the agency:

  1. You want to see real results sooner rather than spend time promoting the brand yourself, without having the relevant knowledge and experience;
  2. You want to save your own time by delegating these tasks to PPC experts;
  3. You need to access advanced tools and resources that help manage advertising campaigns more effectively. As a rule, you can get such access by trusting Google Ads Management to a specialized agency.
  4. You want to save money: agency experts know how to optimize your Google advertising so you can use the budget as efficiently as possible and reduce irrational expenses.
  5. You expect further growth and development of your business and want your company’s advertising to be adjusted and changed promptly according to business needs.

The average cost of Google Ads management can vary depending on:

  • Experience, case studies, and reputation of the agency;
  • The package you chose. For example, integrated proposals may include broader campaign optimization, extended targeting, a focus page creation,  and ongoing performance monitoring.
  • Size and complexity of advertising campaign, the level of competition in the industry, target audience, and specific business goals.

In general, AdWords agency pricing starts from a few hundred for small campaigns to several thousand dollars per month for larger businesses that need additional services, such as constant monitoring, analytics, and A/B testing of advertising campaigns.

Zwebra: Your Best Bet for Google Pay-per-click Advertising in Calgary

Looking for the best AdWords agency to manage advertising campaigns for your business? Look no further than Zwebra!

The company has been setting up contextual advertising in Calgary and across Canada since 2017. Its experience covers more than 100 different enterprises, each of which aims to attract new customers and increase its sales. And most of them, thanks to Zwebra, have already achieved the desired results or are on the way.

Here you can order:

  • Search ads are advertisement aimed at those users who are looking for products or services like yours.
  • Trade announcements that help draw attention to your products.
  • Media advertising is used to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Advertising on YouTube is aimed at users who often interact with this video hosting.
  • A remarketing that will encourage customers to buy previously viewed products.

Contact Zwebra today and you will greatly increase the efficiency of your Google Ads Campaign!