Kids' oral hygiene can intimidate many parents and quickly become a daily challenge. As parents, you surely want the best for your children, so you must be a role model they can follow. If you are uncomfortable with your oral hygiene, your kids may have difficulty with it, too! Start early to give them good dental habits and follow them as well! It will benefit them all their lives. Let's see why good oral hygiene is important for children and give you some steps to follow to help your kids.

Starting early

The best way to get your children comfortable with oral hygiene is to start dental hygiene habits from your kid's first teeth! Before these teeth come through fully, you can use a clean cloth after each meal to clean, preventing bacteria growth. Teething is a fascinating step for parents, and that is when they may start to wonder how to take care of their child’s teeth! You can find a small silicone finger toothbrush to insert onto your index finger and gently brush the teeth and gum. This way, your child will get the habit of toothbrushing, and they might even like it!


Let your kids manipulate the brush when they become old enough to be active in toothbrushing. Teach them the correct toothbrushing method and make it fun. Amusing your child is the best way to educate them; avoid forcing them so they don't develop fear or rejection of oral hygiene. The mouth is an intimate part of the body; sometimes, kids can feel it intrusive, which is normal. Try again the day after and let them be involved in their toothbrushing. Brushing twice daily will be recommended in small circular motions on the teeth and gums. Depending on their ability and comfort, you will guide your kids until they are seven or older.


Flossing is crucial to take off plaque and particles between teeth. It will complete the work of the toothbrush. It is recommended to start flossing when teeth touch each other. This process should be part of daily dental hygiene and not just a one-time treatment when something is stuck in the teeth. The earlier you introduce, the better.

Healthy diet

Your child's food is the most important to prevent cavities and other general oral issues. Your role as parents will be to limit sugar in food and drinks! Unfortunately, sugar is everywhere nowadays, especially in products advertised as healthy. Natural sugar from fruits or vegetables is also attacking the teeth. Teach your kids to rinse their mouths with water after eating sweets.

Regular dental check-ups

Bring your kids to any Parramatta dental clinic before a problem shows up. This way, your child will develop a relationship with the dentist, and if a dental issue comes up, it will be easier to treat it without drama. These regular visits will enhance your child's oral hygiene by gently cleaning their teeth and detecting any dental treatment needed early. Giving your kids a positive vision of dental visits is crucial to guaranteeing good oral hygiene.

Oral hygiene education

Education of oral hygiene is as crucial as body hygiene. If your children understand the care they need to bring to their buccal cavity, it will help them be active in their hygiene. You can find books and interactive games to explain oral hygiene childishly and make it fun. Being part of their routine by washing yours simultaneously will make this daily care a sharing moment.


Ensuring good oral hygiene for your kids is possible by putting these pieces of advice into practice. Enjoy healthy teeth for all your family!