Influencer Marketing

Are you a startup or just a beginner in the business world? If yes, you might need more resources or more budget for influencer marketing. Even though investing in influencer marketing with no budget can be challenging, it is indeed not impossible. You need to collaborate with the right micro-influencers. You need to spend more money to solve your problem. You need to ensure that you invest your time.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing For People With No Budget

Connecting with influencers lets you easily learn about your established network and expand your reach quickly.
  • You need to know that influencer marketing is way better than traditional marketing. Your consumers are likely to trust recommendations from their loved ones and friends besides online influencers over any ads.
  • Influencer marketing can help you with a good amount of return on investment.
  • Influencers, especially the micro-influencers you work with, are generally authentic and trustworthy. They make endorsements valuable.

Reasons You Should Choose Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing goes way beyond just choosing celebrities with a lot of followings. You can always select micro-influencers if you need a budget. Even though these micro-influencers have small audiences, the audience is completely engaged and likely to be more effective.
  • You must know that micro-influencers are at least six times more efficient than influencers with more followers.
  • They can help you drive 22 times more weekly conversation than the average consumer.
  • Instead of looking for celebrities with a huge price tag, you should focus on hiring micro-influencers who offer you authenticity besides cost-effectiveness.

Some Of The Best Influencer Marketing Strategies For You With No Budget

These are some of the best influencer marketing strategies that you can implement if you do not have any budget.

Several influencers are likely to maintain blogs, and they also accept guest posts. You can use Google Advanced Search to look for such opportunities and offer to write a guest post customized to the audience. This approach will make it easy for you to establish a personal connection and provide authentic exposure to your target audience.

Instead of guest posting on the influencer's blog, you can invite them to participate in the group interview or expert roundup post on the website. More influencers will likely join such ventures when you promise to invest in paid ads to promote the post. The bonus is that the influencers might also share your post with their followers, increasing your business's website traffic.

Everybody loves to get gifts, including influences. You can send free samples of your product for a free trial or offer a free service trial. Furthermore, you can check out what interests the influencers and send a thoughtful gift. You must be polite and not pressure them to promote your brand in exchange for the gift you provide.

You must build meaningful relationships by offering free feedback to your influencer's superficial comments, including great post comments. Instead, you need to identify areas for improvement, like website feed typos, broken links, or even outdated content.

You must identify influencers already involved in affiliate marketing for similar products or services. You can approach them and also introduce your product. At the same time, you must propose A generous affiliate income-sharing agreement. This strategy does not require any investment.

Things You Need To Know When You Go For Influencer Marketing With No


You need to know that it's not entirely free. Even though you will not be paying with cash, you must invest some time and potentially send some products, incurring all the shipping expenses. Furthermore, you must understand that most influencers might respond negatively if your outreach is cold, especially with no financial compensation. You must expect a low response rate and also prepare yourself accordingly.

Focus On Nano Influences

Nano influencers have only a thousand to 10,000 followers. And they might seem insignificant at first, but the target audience can be highly engaged. These influencers can get many influencers in the future, so when you target them, you make a smart move.

You can find nano influencers on YouTube. All you need to do is search for relevant keywords related to your brand or product. Now, you can use some filters to view the content from the month and look for videos with a minimum view count. This will indicate that the channel is small. You can create a spreadsheet with all their URLs, specialties, and the e-mail address.

You can also look for nano influencers on Instagram. You can start searching for hashtags related to your sector. You must click on images and check the profiles for minor influences here. You need to focus on some accounts with decent likes or comments on the recent posts.

Come Up With A Collaboration E-Mail Pitch

Your pitch must focus on the value the influencer would get from working with you. This is very important as you are not offering cash. You must be creative in aligning your pitch. You can also write, look forward to your response, and customize your e-mail, but you should only spend a little time on everyone as response rates are not likely to be very high.

Understand Your Limits

You need to know that the influencers are investing their time, so you should be respectful and not make any demands. You should avoid pushing them for backlinks or other favors unless you can offer more value. At the same time, you must keep your door open for future collaborations when you have some resources.

Wrap Up

You need to invest your time in connecting with micro-influencers with no budget. Even though it might not help you get instant results, it can be a long-term investment in building brand recognition and partnerships.