The PDF format is a popular file extension that allows you to send high-quality documents, photos, screenshots, and other files. Its advantage is the compatibility with most online devices and effortless opening, so anyone can handle it without problems. Sometimes, however, we may be forced to edit the PDF file.

Take advantage of free programs.

There are situations in which we are forced to edit PDF files. Sometimes, we just want to cut out an appropriate fragment of a larger file or several pages, and sometimes, we want to replace the file with a different extension and correct graphics or text. You can do this using free programs you can find on the Internet.

Adobe Acrobat

The most popular program for editing PDF files is, of course, Adobe Acrobat Reader. The manufacturer of this program is Adobe Inc., and it can be downloaded both from the brand's official website and, in the case of mobile devices, from Google Play and App Store.

The intuitive program helps you edit files using PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. Not only can you change the content of the files, but you can also divide them into smaller parts or reduce their size. The advantage of this program is compatibility with many operating systems.

In addition, you will also find many free Adobe Acrobat alternatives on the Internet where you can edit PDF files. All you need to do is upload the file to the cloud and choose the editing type. You can split files, convert them to other extensions, or reduce their size. This last function may be needed when you want to forward this file. However, remember that reducing the PDF file size may affect its reading quality.

Paid PDF editing programs

Basic PDF editing is possible with free programs, but many customers seek more efficient solutions. Then, pay attention to paid programs for editing PDF files, which are more efficient and work well in office work, where the scale of potential editing of PDF files may be significant.

Then, you can use, among others, the extended version of SwifDoo PDF Pro. It is the market leader in this field and undoubtedly sets current trends. With this program, you can edit, create, and review files, and everything is embedded in a very intuitive and aesthetic interface.

About SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a free PDF viewer and an excellent PDF editor. There are some basic editing features, such as modifying document outlines, inserting stamps, and modifying any annotations.

As a versatile program, you can highlight specific sections of a PDF file, convert from/to PDF, take notes, and even email documents directly from the program. It should be a reliable PDF editor for viewing PDF documents, and fast, dependable, and skinned, it provides everything you need to view PDF files. If you need other editing features, check out the available Export PDF editor or upgrade to the Expert PDF editor at a low price.

SwifDoo PDF Online Converter - Free

You can also access its free PDF online converter on all operating systems, including Windows 11, OS X, Linux Ubuntu Desktop, and Citrix.

If you are looking for a free online PDF converter, SwifDoo is your favorite online PDF converter available through browsers. The free online tool is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. Just click on SwifDoo Online features to refer to the converters page. It is a multi-faceted online PDF converter without taking up valuable memory of your Windows or Mac operating system.

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If you still need help with PDF editors for Windows, you can try the above PDF editors first. Both programs provide excellent features for editing PDF files and adding desired text and images to PDF files.

SwifDoo PDF Converter is the best PDF editor alternative to convert PDF files to another format, such as Word or Excel. Then, you can change the PDF files with its desktop program. If you have any questions about the PDF editor, please let us know in the comments.