More than 85 years have passed since Holle joined the baby formula market. Since the start, the company has supported millions of babies' development period. Holle also guided first-time parents trying to make the best choice for their little ones, and it protected the farm animals' well-being.

So, it's unsurprising that the experienced manufacturer is also excellent at balancing ingredients in every formula. That includes carbohydrates – the ultimate supply of energy for infants.

Carbohydrates In Baby Formula

Baby formulas have different ingredients. Yet, one element you can find in any recipe, be it made in the US or the EU, is some sort of carbohydrate. That shouldn't be shocking – breast milk also contains carbohydrates, a fantastic infant energy supply.

Of course, not all mothers can breastfeed their babies. They should be aware of carbohydrates in formula they give their infants. These can be:
  • lactose;
  • starch;
  • maltodextrin;
  • corn syrup;
  • Sucrose.

Corn syrup and sucrose are not the healthiest for babies. Most parents avoid those ingredients, so their little sunshine grows happy and healthy. Sucrose is even banned from baby formula per law in Europe!


Regarding European baby formulas, including Holle, lactose is the only carbohydrate source in pre-stage recipes. While lactose-based, not all lactose is sourced from cow's milk. Some are based on goat milk, making it a little easier to digest.

There's no other carbohydrate added to the mix, though. Newborns can't digest starch or maltodextrin well, but they're born ready to produce lactase. That enzyme breaks lactose into two sugars: glucose and galactose. Little ones don't have any trouble with those.

Starch And Maltodextrin

Starch and maltodextrin and safe plant-based carbohydrates. Manufacturers like Holle add them to higher stages of baby formulas in small amounts. They take longer to digest than lactose, keeping your little one full.

These starches are not just there to make your baby complete, though. In addition, they provide infants with energy, helping them learn, grow and mature. They also help babies sleep well and let parents take a break from babysitting.

Holle's Usage Of Carbohydrates

Holle has a wide variety of different formulas. They are:
  • Holle Goat Formula;
  • Holle Goat Dutch Formula;
  • Holle Cow Milk Formula;
  • Holle Cow A2 Formula.

Holle uses only organic and safe ingredients in all formulas that provide babies with energy and excellent taste. All PRE formula stages rely on lactose. In Holle formulas, lactose is derived from the organic cow's milk whey concentrate crystallization process.

In Holle baby formula Stage 1, you can only find maltodextrin and lactose. Stages 2-4 contain starch, too. Since maltodextrin is broken down through hydrolysis, it can be digested more quickly than starch. That is precisely why Holle mixes all three, perfectly balancing them for your baby.


All baby formulas have carbohydrates in their ingredient list. Yet, Holle is a rare manufacturer that provides parents and their babies with a perfectly balanced mix of three. Thanks to Holle's approach to lactose, maltodextrin, and starch in baby formula, infants can grow happy and healthy.