Relaxing in Your Garden

Homeowners use pergolas to complete their outdoor spaces and provide a relaxing area to unwind after a long day or entertain friends and family. Traditionally, pergolas are made with at least four columns of support and roof beams that are open in design. This available design offers little in the way of shade.  thankfully, there are ways homeowners can add to the shadiness of their louvered pergola and make them  look beautiful in the process.

Ten Ways to Make Pergolas Shady

After constructing a durable pergola 12 x 16 kit, choosing the proper method of creating shade will add to the space and make it more inviting during summer's heat. Homeowners should consider the following.

Consider Adding a Rustic Roof

A rustic roof is the perfect addition to any pergola. Rustic wood makes a pergola part of an ideal homey design. Since rustic wood shuts out much of the sun's glow, add lighting for those late-night entertaining events.

Hang Beautiful Curtains

One way to create comfortable shade in a pergola is by hanging a beautiful set of curtains. Shade around the sides provides all-day comfort and an added privacy level to pergolas. Considered hanging weighted curtains to keep them from blowing around too much.

Layer the Roofing Materials

Who says you have to select only one roof material? Consider layering materials to allow light to come through while offering protection from the blistering heat. A structure of wooden beams and an airy covering are perfect.

Consider Plants for Shade

A living shade offers a beautiful touch to any garden. Train gorgeous ivy vines to grow over the top of the pergola for the perfect level of shade.

Install a Retractable Roof

There are retractable pergola roofs that keep you in control of how much light you experience. Close it entirely or open it wide to let in the sun.

Consider Adding a Tent

As a child, most people dream of having fun in a tent. Adding a tent to your pergola for a special occasion is the perfect way to liven up an event because it becomes the backyard's focal point.

Grow Fragrant Flowers

Flowers can also shade a pergola, adding beauty and an enchanting aroma. Roses are a classic choice, but there are many other options.

Louvered Roofs Are An Excellent Choice

Many pergola owners install louvered roofs because they can be adjusted throughout the day, depending on the sun's position. Modern aluminum options are best.

Vintage Fabrics Provide Temporary Shade

Consider draping the pergola with gorgeous, whimsical fabrics to provide a temporary respite from the sun's blistering heat. Take the materials down as the sun sinks lower into the sky.

Make Use of Natural Shade

Building a pergola under a canopy of trees offers welcome relief from the heat and keeps you out of direct sunlight. Erecting a pergola in the shade is the perfect solution for escaping summer's heat.

Consider the Pergola Shade Options Today

Pergolas offer beauty to any backyard space and are easy to install. They deliver an affordable and classic touch to any landscape design and provide the perfect transition from inside your home to the outdoors. Consider the shade options above to escape the sun's wrath during the warmer months. There is an option for just about any budget and design. Adding shade makes relaxing under a pergola much more of a treat.