If You Block Someone on Instagram After Watching Their Stories, Will They See You Viewed Their Content?

How often do you visit your friend or ex-partner's Instagram account to check on the updates in their life? Understandably, you have reasons you don't want them to think you are interested in their lives. So, what would you do if you wished to view someone's Instagram story remaining anonymous? There are a few ways, one of them - using a reliable private Instagram viewer app.

You know that after you post a story, Instagram shows the list of people who viewed it. Don't worry! It's possible to trick technologies a bit. After reading our article, you will learn what will happen if you block someone after viewing their story. You will also get some tips on how to watch someone's Instagram story and to ensure that your name will disappear from the list of viewers. They won't be able to see you if you follow these tips.

Block Someone on Instagram After Viewing Their Story to Watch Their Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

If you view someone's Instagram story and block them, will they see your profile name in the viewers list? No, they won't. But remember to act fast. Once those whose stories you want to watch post something, block them. In this case, they will not find you on the list of those who viewed the story.

Please note that your profile disappears from this social media after you block someone on Instagram. Please keep that in mind. If the person who posted the story knows you, they may eventually try to look for your profile and may suspect that you've watched their story and blocked them. It could be suspicious that your profile will no longer appear on search results.

It is possible to leave them blocked as long as you want, but you should understand that eventually, you may want to glance at their profiles and stories again.

But don't worry - there are other ways to watch someone's Instagram while remaining undetectable if you don't want them to know that you like viewing their story occasionally. So, keep reading to find them out!

Change Your Username Before Viewing Their Instagram Story to Play It Safe
There is another option you may try if you don't want to block another user and them to see that you viewed their stories. Change your username and profile picture before you view someone's Instagram story. It's unlikely that they will click on every name from the list of users who watched their story and check every profile.

Thus, you won't need to deactivate your Instagram account or block them after viewing the stories. You may need to alter your profile a bit. This option does not guarantee they won't find you are among the viewers. But it's an easy way to quickly check someone's Instagram story without them knowing. To change your username:
  • Go to your profile on the Instagram app.
  • Click on the menu icon in the top right corner.
  • Go to 'Settings and Privacy'.
  • Then go to 'Accounts Center'.
  • Finally, click on 'Profiles.'

Change your profile name and click 'Done.' Now you're ready to watch someone's story on Instagram with a new username.

What Happens If I Unblock Them After 24 Hours?

As you probably know, Instagram stories last 24 hours before they disappear. After 24 hours, they expire and disappear forever unless an Instagram account holder wants to keep them for followers and viewers. But what happens to the list of people who viewed their story? Is it safe to unblock the user after this period? Unfortunately, it's not.

So, imagine you have watched someone's Instagram story accidentally or intentionally and decided to either block them or change your profile name afterward. The account has expired, and you can't wait to unblock them.

Be careful! If the user saves the story to highlights on Instagram, they will see people who have viewed them for up to 48 hours. There is a high chance they will know that you've considered them. That is why it's better to stay patient and wait for these 48 hours before unblocking them. Otherwise, they might find out you've seen their story, and therefore you're interested in their lives.
Use a Private Instagram Viewer to Check Someone's Story Without Them Knowing

So, if you block someone, can they see you viewed their story? The methods mentioned above have some caveats but ensure some anonymity degree. But there is a way to watch someone's story on Instagram without blocking or deactivating your account. You may use a private Instagram story viewer that doesn't require installation. They are simple in use and navigation websites where you just need to input the profile name of the person whose stories you want to watch.

Or try some Instagram viewer apps, aka spy apps, that can monitor other accounts stealthily (preinstallation is necessary). With these methods, you can watch any story, and you won't have to embarrass yourself. They will never see you view their content as these viewers and apps are anonymous.

Wrapping Up

If I block them on Instagram, can someone still see that I viewed their story? We hope the answer is clear now. If you do it and the targeted person won't save those stories to highlights and check on the list within the next 48 hours - then no. But if you unblock them, they'll be able to see you on the list or notice you changed the profile. It's up to you and your purposes which method you choose to view someone's story on Instagram.