Sometimes malicious people leave fake reviews to tarnish a brand's image. You may notice a review from someone you have never served, one who is promoting a competitor at your expense. Here is everything you should know about false reviews, including how to remove negative reviews:

Should Businesses Respond To False Reviews?

Businesses should respond to all customer reviews to build trust with potential clients. With a large percentage of consumers checking online reviews and many of them preferring to use Google reviews, brands should maximize the opportunity. Use replies to testimonials to show your top-notch customer care skills.

Respond politely to false reviews while implying that the review is fake for potential clients to know. You could mention that your records do not show you served the complainant or ask the client to mention the name of the staff that mishandled them. You could also ask the reviewer to contact your customer care team for further assistance.

Can Google Detect Fake Reviews?

Google has a spam filter that helps detect and remove fake reviews, but some slip through and get posted online. Here are tips customers and businesses can use to spot these false reviews:

Investigate the Reviewer

Verify the age of the account, how often this person reviews products, and if they have a specific trend in their reviews. Fake reviewers often use new accounts. A reviewer's account with the same evaluation for numerous products or a new tab with only one study is questionable.

Observe the Writing

Look to see how long the review is, what details the reviewer offers, and if they contacted customer support for assistance. False reviews tend to be short and ambiguous. They will need more specific details, such as the attendant's name.

Check the Trend in Review Volume

Research if your business's negative reviews have increased in recent weeks. If so, a customer or competitor may have purchased the reviews to attack your business.

Can Account Owners Remove Negative Reviews?

Business owners cannot delete reviews on their profiles but can report negative reviews to Google for removal. Here are three ways businesses can report fake reviews:

1. Using Google Search To Report

Follow these steps to report using Google search:
  • Search your Business Profile on Google
  • Click on the Google Reviews tab
  • Locate the fake review you want to report
  • Click “More”
  • Choose “Report review.”
  • Select the reason for reporting, fill out the form, then submit it.

2. Using Google Maps To Report

Follow these steps to report using Google Maps:
  • Search for your business on Google Maps using your business name or address
  • Select your business from the results
  • Scroll to the Review Summary section
  • Click “x reviews”
  • Go to the false review
  • Click the three-dot menu, then the flag icon
  • Complete the form and submit it

3. Using Google Business Profiles

Here are the steps to report using a Google business profile:
  • Go to “Manage your Business Profile” on Google
  • Select the review you want to say on the left menu
  • On the fake check, click “More” and select “Flag as inappropriate.”

Fill out the form that appears and submit it.

It may take several days for Google to complete reviewing. If the review violates Google policies, Google will delete it within three business days. Owners who used their business profiles to report can check the reviews management tool to confirm.

Will Google Delete All Reported Reviews?

Google deletes some negative reviews but not others. Many people report studies and then have to wait for Google’s verdict, so there is a chance of not getting the ruling you expect. It is up to Google to decide whether they will remove the negative reviews.

If Google fails to remove a review, you can submit an appeal once. Google may reconsider the first verdict and delete the examination within three days. The review remains if Google still finds that the testimonial does not violate its policies. All hope is not lost, though. Third parties can help remove negative reviews and restore your reputation.

Use a Third Party To Remove Reviews

Third-party reputation management companies can help remove negative reviews using mediation, legal action, and extensive Google knowledge. Find a reputation management firm near you to help you delete fake reviews on your account that create a negative reputation for your business.