To begin with, glycol power packs are equipment used in long-draw systems to keep draft beer at the proper temperature as it travels from the walk-in cooler to the beer tower. The power pack cools a tank of glycol, which then is pumped through a trunk line with your beer, keeping it at the right temperature.

The Importance of Glycol Power Packs in Commercial Draft Beer Dispensing Systems

Before investing in a power pack glycol system, choose one that best suits your demands because glycol chillers are significant investments.

The first thing to determine is the total length of the trunk line for which the chiller will be used.

Then, compare it to the length rating given to each chiller by the manufacturer (often indicated in feet). This measurement represents the length in feet of the trunk line that the chiller can keep at service temperature. Therefore, a glycol power pack draft beer chiller with a 50-foot rating can keep a bar and beer tower at the proper temperature if they are 50 feet or less from the walk-in cooler where the kegs are kept.

Exploring the Best Brands of Glycol Power Packs

Today's market offers various glycol power pack units, each with advantages and disadvantages.

How can you tell which glycol chiller will work best for your business?

The number of beer faucets on the beer tower, the length of the beer trunk line from the cooler to the beer tower, and the line diameter are used while selecting the best glycol power packs.

UBC Group USA and CHILLPRO are the two most widely known brands. Other things, such as your budget, the unit's location, etc., should be considered while choosing the optimal power pack.

UBC glycol power pack is the most popular and affordable chiller. Their power packs are available in a range of shapes and sizes. They range from 1/6 HP for 25' runs to 1.5 HP for 700'. UBC chillers provide maximum cooling effectiveness and energy optimization, maintaining the proper temperature of your beer, regardless of how crowded your establishment might be. Anyone looking to keep their drink cool should consider these power packs. Therefore, the UBC chiller is a number one choice if you're searching for a good, cost-effective glycol chiller that will help improve the performance of your draft beer system.

CHILLPRO glycol power packs are considered one of the best chillers on the market.

Their highly efficient design and high-grade components maximize cooling and energy efficiency. They were designed for optimal reliability and performance, helping maintain the proper beer temperature in draft beer systems.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Glycol Power Pack

Any remote or long-draw draft beer system can benefit from glycol power packs. They use a food-grade antifreeze and water solution to provide consistent and uniform cooling of your commercial draft beer system. Every pint you pour is perfectly chilled because this glycol mixture is cycled throughout the draft beer system's lines to maintain a constant and uniform power pack glycol temperature.

In case you wonder how many gallons of glycol does power pack holds, glycol power packs come in various sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of your glycol draft beer system. With a glycol chiller, your beer can travel up to 750 feet and feature up to 24 products while maintaining a perfectly chilled temperature. This makes them a perfect option for large commercial operations.

When selecting a glycol power pack, you have to consider the following factors:
  • the length of the distance from the walk-in cooler to the dispensing point;
  • the number of beer faucets;
  • ambient temperatures.

Enhancing Beer Dispensing with Reliable Glycol Power Packs

When the distance between the beer chiller and the draft beer tower is longer than 25 feet, your beer can become foamy because it gets warm too soon before reaching the building.

The glycol power packs keep beer smooth and foam-free from the keg to the faucet.

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UBC Group USA has been a trustworthy producer and supplier of draft beer equipment and parts to wholesale buyers all throughout North America for over 10 years.

They offer a wide range of products at affordable prices, and their power packs for glycol-cooled beer dispensing systems are no exception.

Whatever your glycol beer line cooling system configuration, they will have the ideal UBC glycol power pack for you.

When selecting a power pack for your draft beer system, you must focus on quality because it is the heart of any glycol system. With UBC Group USA, you will get the right quality at the right price.