CRM software allows you to accelerate and optimize sales with the help of existing marketing tools. As a rule, large companies and small business owners prefer to use multifunctional systems to speed up the workflow and improve customer interaction. Let's look at the use of CRM using the example of Bitrix24 — software with an impressively large set of tools for a successful business.

Why should you choose Bitrix24 CRM?

The Bitrix24 system CRM complex is available to users as a free online CRM in the trial version and offers favorable low-cost rates for using the full version. The feature of Bitrix24 is complete automation of marketing and sales, suitable for any business.

The number of users in one system area is not limited; the software is licensed and works without failures. The free CRMs versions are offered without a license and allow you to study the software's functionality in detail.

License or CRM systems free software?

The paid version is represented by licensed software, inexpensive favorable tariffs, and various tools to increase sales and optimize marketing processes. For example, there is a list of taxes, the payment of which is the purchase of a license.

Bitrix24 CRM Functionality

This CRM system offers a variety of tools for running a profitable business and perfectly performs the work of a marketer, analyst, and even an accountant. In the accessible version of Bitrix24 CRM, you can explore all the CRM tools offered, and after purchasing a license, you will begin to fully work with the existing functions.

The essential tools of the system for optimizing marketing actions and increasing sales are:
  • Import of information;
  • API;
  • Other options.

Each tool demonstrates ease of use and promising marketing opportunities with a complete automation cycle. Before purchasing a license, it is recommended that you study the accessible version of Bitrix24.

Importing information

You can import data into Bitrix24 CRM quickly and easily, which is especially important if there are no import restrictions.

Using data import is quite simple:
  • Upload files in CSV or XLS format;
  • Match the fields;
  • Upload the information.

The names of the fields correspond to the column headers in the table. The system also provides for the cancellation of the operation, which allows you to remove the imported data with a single click.


API is an integration tool for two software systems. Integration works for documentation and submitted services. This tool occupies an essential niche in the list of the most popular functions. The API creates integration with telephony systems, SMS aggregators, and online mail providers.

Integration with Telephony

This CRM tool is essential for the company's customers working in the Bitrix24 system. In fact, this is a large-scale automated recording of the available interaction of customers and employees of the company by phone. CRM records the number and duration of incoming phone calls, independently initiates outgoing calls, and makes calls to potential customers to form and expand the target audience.

SMS Aggregators

To integrate with aggregators in Bitrix24 CRM, developers have provided for the presence of a webhook. This method integrates into the most popular and relevant systems for a particular business, while there is no need to write code. You must create a webhook, specify contacts, and link to the event.

Email Providers for email Newsletters

The Bitrix24 CRM tool integrates default data into Mailchimp and Campaigns systems. The peculiarity and convenience of the service are the calculation of non-working email addresses during mailing and automatic exclusion with user notification. This tool also works if the mail is specified incorrectly — for example, missing a symbol, letter, or number.

Other CRM tools

The number of functions in Bitrix24 CRM is enormous; the study of each of them is available in the free version of the software.

Bitrix24 CRM software is a unique system product for businesses. Having mastered the program with the offered tools, you can delegate most of the work to the system and attract new customers.