One photographer can capture your best moments on your big day, but some situations call for a second camera. Working with multiple wedding photographers has pros and cons, so weighing your options is always recommendable. Consider the wedding size, events, locations, photo perspectives, and other factors that influence how many photographers you need.

Pros of Multiple Photographers

A second photographer can be helpful if you have a large wedding, want different perspectives, or plan to prepare from different locations. Multiple photographers can be at different places simultaneously, allowing them to capture all your best moments. The second photographer can also help with portrait photos. Here are three pros of hiring multiple wedding photographers:

1. Capture the Same Moment From Different Angles

A second photographer can take shots from a different perspective, providing more amazing photos of the exact moment. Hiring multiple photographers is also a perfect solution when you have a small space to work with. One photographer may need to adequately take pictures from two sides during the ceremony. The second camera can be positioned to provide another perspective. This option also helps when the event leader doesn't want movement during the ceremony.

2. Capture Moments Happening at Different Locations

If the bride and groom are getting ready at different locations, multiple photographers can help capture the pre-wedding excitement. This allows couples to tell the story of their preparations. Big weddings with many guests may also have various activities going on. One photographer can cover the bride and groom while the other captures moments at another corner. Multiple photographers can be at different locations to ensure all moments are on record.

3. Mix Several Photography Styles In Your Photo Series

Hiring multiple photographers can help you capture your wedding using different styles. One photographer can provide a traditional-pose style, while the other includes documentary or nuanced art perspectives. You can mix several techniques to create a unique photo series instead of having just one. The extra photographers can offer backup in case your primary photographer’s equipment fails. You’ll also have more beautiful photos captured by distinct personalities.

Cons of Multiple Photographers

Hiring multiple photographers seems like the best solution for any wedding, but it can be challenging. Financial constraints, space, and artistic point of view can make working with one photographer preferable. Here are three cons of hiring more than one professional wedding photographer for your event:

1. More Photographers Increase the Photography Budget

Hiring multiple photographers can increase your wedding budget because you must pay for the extra services. If the wedding is extensive and requires capturing numerous events simultaneously, a second photographer can significantly help. Smaller weddings with fewer guests don’t need multiple photographers since one can cover everything. Hiring one also makes sense when working with a small budget.

2. More Photographers Can Make the Space Feel Crowded

Multiple photographers can make a small venue look too crowded, especially if a videographer is also invited. The photographers can also distract the ceremony leaders and guests from focusing on you. If you’re shy in front of cameras, having two or three photographers can make the situation slightly uncomfortable.

3. The Delivery of Your Wedding Photos Can Take a Little Longer

Working with multiple photographers can result in photos and videos that use different styles and techniques. This can take longer to edit and harmonize the photo series for consistency. Delivery may take longer if videos are involved because the team has to sort through all captured files and B-rolls.

Hire Professional Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers help to capture candid moments and unique shots of your big day, so you need at least one. In many cases, one professional photographer can cover all the key moments. If you need more, stick to reputable photographers with experience working together. Consider how many cameras you need at the event and organize a pre-wedding meeting to plan the photography.