Vikings have been around since the late eighth century and continue influencing the fashion world.

If you're looking for a change, you can find inspiration from modern-day Vikings. Vikings are known for wearing durable clothing and accessories. They primarily use Earth-tone colors and materials like wool, leather, and linen.

You can make a statement during a night out or even in the office with clothing inspired by Viking culture. Keep reading to learn about the best modern Viking trends in the fashion industry!

Holistic Clothing

If you're looking for modern Viking fashion ideas, you can look further in 2023.

Holistic clothing, made with natural dyes and fabrics, is again gaining popularity. These items have started trending as people take steps to help the environment and stay away from chemicals. You won't have to feel guilty about wearing organic and eco-friendly materials.

The Vikings lived a rough lifestyle and needed the most durable items. The fibers might be organic, but they are just as solid and long-lasting as other materials. Look for all-natural or handmade clothing to achieve the Viking style.

Earthy tones are the most common for clothing. This is because they had to use berries, herbs, and other resources to naturally dye the material.

Layered Outfits

Both men and women often wore tunics; these shirts are lightweight and comfortable.

When you invest in quality Viking fashion items, you can layer your outfits without causing restrictions. Loose and flowy clothing makes layering easy and adds character to your appearance. Wear various materials; one of the most significant trends is fur.

Fur, silk, wool, and linen can be combined and develop a unique look. Women can layer Nordic outfits with skirts, leggings, tops, and shawls. If you want to add a masculine look, you can wear vests, belts, and arm cuffs.

Vikings are always shown as warriors; you can look like them by blending diverse clothing and accessories. The Vikings always had memorable fashion since they traveled the world and conquered what they wanted.


The Viking culture was fearless in entering the unknown, partially because they had the right gear.

Trailblazer shoes come from the Vikings, and brands continue to use this style. Trailblazers can complete your look if you're looking to shake things up. These leather shoes were often handmade and would come in a shoes or boot style.

Traditionally, Vikings used calf and cattle skin. Modern trailblazers, however, are made with pig, faux, and sheep skin. These shoes can complement most outfits, and their simple design will be distinct from your outfit and accessories.

Both men and women can wear trailblazers; just remember to break them in before going on an adventure.

Chunky Jewelry

Viking fashion is unique and robust but has a feminine touch.

Both men and women Vikings wear chunky jewelry to display strength and power. Nordic jewelry is bold and can make a statement or blend with your outfit. Bronze, silver, and gold are the most common materials, but some created jewelry with wood and other metals.

What did Vikings wear for jewelry? It was primarily rings and necklaces. Bracelets and brooches were also popular but needed to be more durable.

Viking jewelry often includes inspiration from nature. Animals, unique symbols, and patterns are used to create custom designs. The Black Sun, Odin, and Thor's hammer are often etched into each piece.

Renaissance Dresses

Viking women had a strong presence, and their clothes often portrayed their power with poise.

You can buy Viking clothing here that is inspired by the Renaissance and will give you a delicate look. Renaissance dresses often come in creams, greens, and blues. You can also get shades of red and black to follow the Viking's traditional fashion.

Some clothing brands are incorporating more modern designs on these dresses for 2023. You could wear flowy skirts if you don't feel comfortable in a dress. Layer your clothing with a cloak or waistband to add character to the outfit.


Although leather is one of the most common materials used in clothing, it has been less popular in recent years.

Leather fashion is making a comeback this year, and the newer styles make these clothes more comfortable than ever. Leather blazers, belts, and jewelry are perfect pieces to create a modern look. Invest in diverse leather colors if you want to avoid the traditional style.

This is a significant fashion trend because many pieces are durable and timeless. Mix and match your leather pieces with linen and silk to lighten your appearance. If you are in the sun, don't wear anything too tight.

You can also find leather wristbands or hair pieces. If you braid your hair, you can add thin strips to increase texture, style, and a Viking appearance.

Create Your Modern Viking Style

Modern Viking clothes are conquering the fashion industry in 2023.

Traditional trends set by the Vikings were so influential that they surpassed multiple centuries. Leather, layered outfits, and natural colors will help you achieve the look, but you must remember to accessorize. You can make a statement by incorporating Viking pieces or jumping into the culture and clothing.

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