Meet ClubKit business app

In the spring of 2023, the Ukrainian company PNN Soft released a new application ClubKit, available for iOS and Android. The application aims to create business and/or social spaces, inviting consumers to subscribe to the area and use the services offered by the space owner. It is worth mentioning here that ClubKit is a useful application for promoting products and services. Moreover, the solution has plenty of customizable space for sharing articles or news with subscribers. Therefore, ClubKit would also benefit bloggers, influencers or those who want to organize thematic clubs online. 

ClubKit - a custom business application 

Users can create a business application themselves with ClubKit. ClubKit application allows customers to develop digital display cases in a few clicks. ClubKit provides an opportunity to create and develop an online business on a smartphone. So, users who have registered as business space owners build a page of the brand, design and customize it, and then publish it. The app contains icons for logo pictures, product galleries, and space for uploading videos. ClubKit is a business application enabling users to create business space and attract consumers.

How to become a ClubKit user?

It all starts by downloading the app from the App Store/Google Play. Then you must sign in to the app through social media, email, or Apple ID. Select the type of account - business or customer. And the final step is selecting the type of subscription (for business only). The whole process is as straightforward as it sounds. Fill in the information about yourself as an owner and the business you will represent on ClubKit.  Subsequently, users proceed to the design by choosing available widgets or templates.

Customers also go through registration but use the app for free. However, customers must have an invitation to existing spaces to be followers. Those invitations are created and placed by space owners.

How does ClubKit work?

ClubKit is an application available for iOS and Android; it allows users to build Business Spaces. The Spaces are a private platform for business or blogging activities. Thanks to the drag-and-drop function with predesigned widgets developed especially for page creation, every owner can design their space differently. The space administrator processes it using an available set of widgets. The application allows you to issue product cards and describe each product or service individually. The owner adds the widget of services/goods to the main page of the space. After publishing the area, the administrator generates an invitation code for closed spaces in ClubKit. This code allows consumers to subscribe to a particular room. Note: ClubKit's business spaces are accessible by invitation only. It implies no competitors within the solution and no ads distracting subscribers' attention. You have a unique chance to build a community of like-minded people around your brand! 

And what do subscriptions provide?

ClubKit has three types of subscriptions option for Business accounts that configure the capabilities of users. Starter (for free) enables businesses to place 2 products/services and 1 article within space and to use a limited number of widgets. A Basic subscription kind implies up to 25 products/services, 10 pieces per space, and more widgets available. Furthermore, with the Basic plan, users can announce 10 events and attract followers to participate. For Plus tariff owners, there's a possibility to apply ready-made templates developed by professional designers. With the help of diverse templates designed specifically for various business spheres, you may significantly reduce your time for designing the page. That's an excellent way to get a catchy and distinctive page in a few clicks. This subscription allows users to create 2 business spaces with up to 200 products or services per space. You may also share up to 20 news posts and 20 events.

In addition, ClubKit possesses different product/service labels (on sale, available to purchase, etc.) and the possibility for customers to rate items. So far, the application does not have functionality for making purchases. However, customers can negotiate deals directly with businesses via a simple chat. Deleting anything from the conversation is impossible, so users would have messages confirming their online discussion in case of debate.

Design the space

Two graphic solutions are available for ClubKit for business users: widgets — separate elements that you can combine the way you like; and ready-made templates (Plus subscription only). By using diverse widgets, creating pages that catch an eye is easy. Just combine images or videos, section dividers, lists, and text blocks with each other. For different business branches, additional templates are available (Business & Services, E-commerce, Events & Entertainment). 

The final words: main highlights of ClubKit

  1. This app is cost-effective: hiring a dedicated development team to create a business solution and conducting multiple iterations to prepare your platform is unnecessary.
  2. ClubKit can become a powerful marketing channel where you can invite anyone who appreciates your work. A personal digital showcase sparks interest in your products.  
  3. You get full support from the developers’ team.
  4. ClubKit is a safe app. IT experts did their best to prevent data leaks and fishing — they adopted robust security protocols and double encryption.