Shorts are one of the most valuable pieces of summer clothes. They are stylish, comfortable, and suitable for almost any exercise in warm weather.

But you may not have known that not all shorts are the same. The length of your summer clothes can make a big difference in how they look and where they can be worn.

Need to know how short your shorts are? Here are the most critical measures you need to make the right pair. Keep reading to understand how to measure shorts length.

Determine the Type of Shorts

It's helpful to know how to measure the length of your shorts, whether you want knee-length or trendy Bermuda shorts. First, figure out what kind of shorts you want to buy.

The board and leisure shorts' length may be shorter than dress shorts. Next, measure where the waistband hits your body to your desired size.

Lastly, use a size chart to shop for your shorts. When looking for shorts, check the brand's size chart to ensure you get the right size. Before buying shorts, try them on in the store to ensure the length is correct.

Get the Right Tools

Using a scale, you can figure out what size shorts you need and then measure from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the shorts. You can also get more accurate readings with a tape measure, while a cloth measuring tape is easiest to use around the waist and hips.

Having a friend or family member help hold the measuring tape and take readings can also make the job easier. Make sure to read the measurements properly and write them down correctly.

Select the Starting Point

The place to start is usually at the bottom of the shorts, where the belt is. For dressier shorts, like chino or office shorts, you should choose a starting point that leaves a few inches of fabric below the front belt and around the backline.

For more casual shorts, like running or mesh shorts, start at the bottom of the front panel, where the stitching line is. Once you know where to start, you can measure the length correctly.

Measure the Inseam

To find the short's inseam, measure the leg length from the crotch down to where the hem ends. Men's short-length pants usually have an inseam of 7.5", but this is a rough estimate.

To determine the best length, measure from the outside of your thigh to the bottom hem. This will give you a more accurate number. You can choose a longer or shorter inseam, depending on your feelings.

Remember that a good fit should also be comfy, with enough room to move but not too much. If you know how the inseam works, you can ensure your shorts fit just right, making them stylish and comfortable.

Learn How to Measure Shorts Length Today

In conclusion, the correct way to measure shorts length is to compare the end of the shorts to the mid-thigh. Aim for a finish about 2 inches above the knee for a relaxed look.

Remember to evaluate the length of the shorts before you purchase. So go out there and get your perfect pair of shorts and be the envy of everyone this summer!

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