When people book a vacation, they usually look to unplug and reset. They’re looking for a place to relax with their family and leave feeling rejuvenated. You can book a vacation destination almost anywhere, but places like Edgar’s Hideaway are the epitome of what it means to take a vacation.

You need a comfortable spot to enjoy with your family and let loose, forgetting the responsibilities of everyday life. Edgar’s Hideaway in Big Bear has glorious natural views, cozy furniture, and all the amenities you may want to enjoy on a vacation getaway. Here’s why Big Bear has become such a vacation hotspot recently.

Rich History

Big Bear has a rich history, including filming for major blockbuster movies. The film industry began using Big Bear’s natural beauty as the backdrop for films in 1911, and many of Hollywood’s elite love to visit in their off time. Even famous athletes pick Big Bear and places like Edgar’s Hideaway to relax, train for significant events, and sometimes just have fun.

Big Bear began as a water reservoir for the area known as Baldwin Lake. Benjamin Wilson visited the site and fittingly renamed it Big Bear Lake for the stunning beauty and enormous size of the resident bears. It has been called Big Bear Lake since 1845, and the area's popularity has grown ever since.

Stunning Natural Beauty

Places like Edgar’s Hideaway in Big Bear are perched amid some of the world's most stunning natural beauty. The lake offers tranquility, and the mountainous views transport visitors to a magical place. The elevation of the location provides incredible views and a glimpse of each distinct season.

Oktoberfest and Entertainment

Big Bear hosts an annual Oktoberfest, and they go all out. This is a massive celebration started by German immigrants many decades ago. Visitors at Edgar’s Hideaway and other Big Bear locations enjoy authentic German beer, food, and live performers. Big Bear is one of the best places to enjoy Oktoberfest.

There is also plenty of other entertainment available during the additional months. Visitors can enjoy fine dining, tubing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, skiing, and more, depending on the season they choose to visit. Edgar’s Hideaway and Big Bear are a virtual adult playground with about any amenity you can ask for. Like many destinations, Edgar’s Hideaway offers a hot tub and a game room, among many other luxury amenities.

Book a Stay at Edgar’s Hideaway Today

Edgar’s Hideaway is if you’re considering booking a vacation and looking for a truly fantastic destination. You can see what all the excitement is about as you enjoy the exceptional beauty and luxury amenities of Edgar’s Hideaway at Big Bear. Big Bear offers everything you need to relax, rejuvenate, and cut loose. Book your vacation stay at Edgar’s Hideaway today and prepare to make some fantastic memories as you explore Big Bear and everything it offers.