Visiting adult-only resorts is an incredible way to enjoy a relaxing vacation in a controlled environment. Over 20 percent of adults in the United States don't want kids, so visiting resorts filled with them is not the ideal, relaxing vacation many crave. You don't want your romantic getaway stunted or ruined by splashing and yelling children for the entire week.

Taking a vacation without kids to an adult-only resort offers several benefits to help you get the most from your time away from reality. You should maintain the time and luxury afforded by all-inclusive resorts because kids ruin the experience.

The good news is that you've found the perfect resource to discover the many reasons and benefits of planning an adult-only vacation for your next adventure. Continue reading to get more from life and holidays today!

Peaceful Pool Time

Kids treat pools like dogs treat food, and it's an instantaneous reaction that nothing will overcome. Expect an influx of splashing and yelling while you try to relax on your inflatable raft and collect UV rays. Once the kids take over the pool, your relaxing vacation has come to an end.

When you plan a romantic getaway to an adult-only resort, you won't need to worry about yelling and splashing. You can enjoy refreshing water and your favorite cocktail while relaxing. You can enjoy peaceful days away from work, bad news, and stress. You'll get a relaxing experience when you plan a romantic getaway to an adult-only resort.

Rest and Relaxation

Adult-only resorts are geared toward providing the rest and relaxation that adults deserve. The best resorts offer tranquility and privacy, so you can reconnect with your partner and focus on the things that matter during your trip. The stress and responsibility will roll off your shoulders so you can enjoy the finer things in life again.

Refresh your body and mind during your stay so you can return to the real world as a whole person. It's the best way to pause your crazy lifestyle and put your mind at ease.

Make New Friends

Visiting an adult-only resort is also a fantastic way to make lasting friendships with individuals with similar values and life goals. It's a fun way to participate in adult activities, like barhopping, fine dining, and outdoor adventures. The possibility of making new friends and sharing experiences with them adds to the excitement of taking a vacation without kids.

The extra responsibility gets left behind so you can focus on yourself and your partner. It's a much-needed break from worrying about your kids and having your experiences ruined by others.

You'll experience the ultimate freedom during your adult-only travel experience. The best Romantic getaways allow you to make new friends without worrying about taking care of your children.

Extra Amenities

The rooms and amenities are also excellent selling points for adult-only travel. Most hotels and resorts cater to families with children to keep the kids entertained and happy. The amenities at adult-only resorts are geared toward providing you with the most enjoyable experience possible.

You'll enjoy time at the spa, relaxation in the pool and sauna, and organized sports activities. The best resorts have themes for their rooms and amenities like high-speed WiFi, TVs, minibars, and coffee makers. Enjoy the freedom to be a kid again when visiting a resort with your partner.

Romantic Experiences

You'll also indulge in romance with your partner on your adult-only vacation. Taking a break from your children lets you focus on your relationship and yourself. Many people lose their sense of self and identity after having children.

The best adult-only vacations offer couples experiences that you should try to break the monotony and bring back the spice in your relationship. Couples massages and fire pits on the beach are beautiful ways to reconnect. Sharing those experiences will get the love back into your hearts and allow you to add positive experiences to your relationship without your kids.


Taking a trip to an adult-only resort sounds expensive, but the value you'll get is worth it. You'll get access to social amenities and luxurious rooms during your stay. Considering the peace and tranquility you'll enjoy, the cost difference is worth paying more.

You can rest and recover from the rigors of balancing work, life, and being a parent. That's worth paying extra for since you can enjoy the pool without getting splashed. The extra money is money well spent for your romantic getaway.

Entertainment Options

Resorts also offer plenty of entertainment options geared toward adults. You can participate in yoga classes for adults, water aerobics, and themed dinner nights. Bring your dancing shoes, as most resorts have dancing each night after dinner.

You'll always have things to do during your stay. Play sports, meditate, relax at the pool with your favorite drink, or sit with a good book and enjoy the outdoors.

Delicious Food

The delicious food is part of what you pay for when staying at an adult-only resort. The romantic experience is different if there's no quality food and a romantic setting for dinner. Enjoying other cuisine options and dinner settings will add to your experience when you vacation without kids.

Indulge in your favorite dishes and finish the night with cocktails and socialization. You can spend time getting to know other guests and building friendships that could last into the future. It's the perfect socialization event where you can focus on being a human instead of a parent.

Plan Your Stay at an Adult-Only Resort

Planning a romantic getaway to an adult-only resort is an excellent way to rekindle the spark with your partner and forget about being a parent for a while. The amenities and luxurious dinners will help you indulge in each other and create quality memories. You'll get the rest and relaxation you deserve with no kids splashing in the pool to dampen the mood.

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