Digital Nomad’s Paradise

Thailand and paradise are two words that go together well; when we think of Thailand, a mental image of a tropical beach with white sand and clear blue water comes to mind, yet the Royal Kingdom of Thailand appeals very much to the digital nomad. We are moving into a new dimension of digital connectivity, and a new breed of person, the digital nomad, has emerged.

Great infrastructure

Thailand has an infrastructure comparable to that of Europe or the US. Indeed, Thai roads are better in most cases, and regarding Internet connections, there is nationwide connectivity from major ISPs, such as True, DTAC, BBB, and AIS. 4G is the norm, and 5G is covered in most regions; even in remote areas, you can get a 3-bar signal that is stable.

Low cost of living

Perhaps the number one reason digital nomads choose Thailand is the low cost of living; whatever your living budget at home, you won’t be able to live on what you can in the Land of Smiles. You can rent a fully furnished condo unit in a luxury development with all the amenities for around $300, which is pretty impressive.

Integrate into Thai culture.

If you plan on staying in Thailand, learning the Thai language at a reputable language school is a must; you have plenty of opportunities to free practice, and by learning new vocabulary, you can integrate this into your daily life. Let’s say you decide to live in a non-tourist area, English is not generally spoken, and you would find it difficult to get things done if you can’t tell the local language.

Tropical climate

What’s not to like about a tropical climate? Even the rainy season (May to October) isn’t too bad; after a downpour, the sun shines, and everything is dry. If you hate the freezing weather during the winter, why not spend those months in sunny Thailand? Indeed, many expats divide their time between Thailand and their home country.

Business registration

Many digital nomads decide to set up a business in Thailand, which brings many benefits; you can arrange long-term visas and obtain a work permit, and with the help of an experienced business lawyer, you can set up your company. Tax is meager compared to the West, another good reason to relocate to Thailand.

Colorful culture

Thailand is blessed with a dynamic and colorful culture, which is one of the reasons why so many digital nomads prefer to settle in this unique nation, and when you add it all up, Thailand is a perfect place for those who work online. If you love peace and tranquillity, Thailand could be the place for you; why not take a holiday for a few weeks and see how you feel? Click here for tips on travelling solo.

Online forums

It is perfectly natural for a person to be wary about relocating to a foreign country, yet there are online forums where you can connect with seasoned ex-pats who have lived in Thailand for years. You can learn a lot and receive practical help relocating to sunny Thailand.