Weddings. They are arguably the happiest event that someone could have in their life.

It is also a big business, with about two million weddings per year in the United States.

If you are engaged, you are likely starting to plan the details of your wedding. You will have to plan out what wedding colors you want for your big day.

What are the most significant factors that you need to consider? What items do you need to think about colors for?

This guide will answer those questions and more.

Consider the Season

One thing you are going to want to consider is what time of year you are having your wedding. The season of your marriage may affect how you theme your wedding.

For example, if you are having a summer wedding by the beach, you may want to go with blue, white, and yellow colors. However, a fall wedding may be more colorful with orange and green colors. Or, a winter wonderland wedding can be holiday-themed with red, green, and white colors.

The season may end up playing into the theme of your wedding. You will want the right colors to go with a particular season.

Wedding Dress

Another thing you will want to consider is the color of the wedding dress you want people at your wedding party to wear. For the bride, you will have to choose what color dress your bridesmaids will wear as well as other people such as your mother.

A mother of the bride dress can become a separate color entirely. Since a bride traditionally wears white, you will want to avoid colors that clash with that. However, you also want a dress color that fits your theme.

For a beach wedding, you may have your bridesmaids wear teal dresses. For a wedding in autumn, you may have the bridesmaids wear orange. Think about what color you want those close to you to wear for your big day.


Finally, you want to think about what color flowers you want for your wedding. These will be centerpieces for your table, and you will have your own bouquet to throw to the bridesmaids.

You will likely end up picking a few different colors here. Think about which colors work best for your tables and which color will compliment your wedding dress for your bouquet.

Pick Your Perfect Wedding Colors

You need to consider These aspects of the wedding when it comes to wedding colors. If you are having a seasonal wedding, you need to factor in the time of year you are having your wedding ceremony.

Then, think about what color dresses you want those close to you to wear along with the flowers you want to have. For more related content, check out our Fashion section.