The windshield of a car is an essential safety feature. It protects passengers from outside elements and keeps passengers from being ejected in case of an accident. Windshields are protective because they consist of two panes of glass with a layer of PVB in the middle. This is why a windshield does not shatter when something strikes it. In the past, even slight cracks on the glass would mean replacement. Today, windshields are sturdier, and owners can decide when to replace them.

When to Replace

Car owners know that replacing a broken windshield is not cheap. It is, however, sometimes necessary. When a crack or chip is directly in the driver's line of vision, the owner should replace it. Repairing chips does not help when the flaw is directly in front of the driver. It makes the driver's view blurry and creates a distraction.

Owners may choose to repair chips that are less than 40mm. Chips greater than this, and all cracks, regardless of their shape or size, are cause for complete windshield replacement. This is because the windshield's integrity becomes too compromised in these situations. Professionals usually advise that two or more chips in the windshield, even if minor, mean the owner should replace the windshield.

If there is a hole in the windshield, no matter how small, an owner must replace it. Even a tiny hole can allow bugs, dust, rocks, and dirt to enter the vehicle. It is best to replace the windshield immediately so it does not shatter completely.

Windshield repairs sometimes weaken over time, resulting in the need for a new windshield. Minor repairs will not improve this situation but will weaken the windshield further. Repairs only provide a cosmetic, not a structural, solution. Ask for a professional's advice, and opt for a replacement if they feel the windshield’s effectiveness is compromised.

Winter Damage

Hail, ice, and snow can damage a windshield. In addition, heating the inside of a vehicle when it is cold outside can cause a quick temperature change that could crack the windshield. Consider parking the car inside a garage to make the windshield last longer.

Finding a Windshield Professional

Before booking an appointment with an auto glass professional, check online for customer reviews. Also, ask friends and family for a reputable expert to repair or replace the windshield. A quality windshield replacement professional will offer a warranty on their work. This is separate from the actual window guarantee. This assures customers that the company is proud of their work and stands behind it.

Choose an expert that has extensive experience repairing and replacing windshields. Also, look for experts who have specialized training or certifications. A company serving the area for a long time can provide peace of mind for vehicle owners looking for windshield repairs.

Choose Quality Materials

Just as the service provider is essential, so is the product itself. Choose a quality product with a warranty. If you are dealing with a company that does not provide such a product, look elsewhere.

When you are ready for a repair or replacement, look for a reputable, professionally trained expert that offers fast service. It is possible to have a windshield replaced in just a few hours.