remote learning

Today’s smart students require smart classrooms and some tools to add to the virtual learning experience. We can’t let the new generation of students study in the monotonous physical classroom atmosphere we were taught in. They require everything that is virtually engaging and interesting and what makes learning and education fun. That is why you will find lots of educational applications and websites providing you some smart class software that is necessary to ensure a good learning experience and retain the matter for a long time, which leads to better results. Here are some of these smart class software that can actually act as an excellent medium for a better learning experience.
  • Extramarks app — The best tool or software designed to make the online learning process easier is the Extramarks app. It helps the students attend various live lectures conducted by the top mentors and refer to their videos later. The ready-made solutions of this application are a go-to solution for any level or grade. Even the practice sets and mock tests available on this application are a fantastic way to prepare for the examinations in the best way.
  • Whiteboard — Whiteboard is an incredible smart class software that adds to an interest level in virtual classrooms. It lets the teachers explain a subject more specifically, marking all that is important and everything else on this board. The teachers can use an image, a captivating font or documents to explain a complex matte on this board which makes learning simpler to the students.
  • Google Classroom — Google Classroom is another innovative class software that helps teachers create a common platform for students. The students can refer to this source to get all the information and matter discussed in the class in one place. The students can also submit their homework in this application and refer to the notes provided by the teacher through it.
  • Light sail — Monitoring a student’s literacy development is one of the most challenging tasks. This holds true for both online and traditional classroom settings. LightSail, a software, has already produced fruitful outcomes in classrooms. Now that online learning is more common, their workforce has adjusted to the educational alternatives offered. Students can access various reading materials through the LightSail app to enhance their literacy. The software keeps track of each student's reading habits and reading progress. Teachers can base lesson plans on the books or websites that their pupils love reading. Every book the student reads can be used as a teaching tool.
  • Remind — One of the biggest challenges for teachers and parents is interacting with each other about a student’s progress and learning process. The Remind software makes it easier for both parents and teachers to interact with each other. The teachers can send various notifications through this application to the user's mobile. This makes communicating pretty easier. Even parents can submit all their doubts to this application. The teachers can also provide the schedule of the classes and lectures to the students through Google Drive and Google Classroom, which can be easily linked to this application. The teachers can also directly send the links to the classrooms and webinars through this software which reaches all the students instantly.
Apart from all these incredible software, you also have some very functional programs like Padlet that help students write their work on a single platform and compare them, Pear Deck that enhances the teacher’s teaching process while increasing interaction in the class, Actively Learn that also impacts the performance of the students positively and so on.