Home office essentials are a must if you work from home - whether for an employer or on your own as a freelancer! With these necessities, working remotely becomes much simpler and more productive!

An ergonomic desk is essential in any home office workspace. An ergonomically-designed desk allows you to easily sit or stand throughout the day - keeping your back healthy and increasing productivity!


A desk is one of the essential pieces of furniture needed for home office success. It serves as the cornerstone of your work area, offering a clean and orderly surface to achieve tasks and meet goals. A desk is ideal for setting up your laptop, tucking away files, organizing office supplies such as pens, pencils, and notepads, and ultimately spending most of your day working from home.

Home offices can be created with tables or counters, but a dedicated desk is the ultimate way to work from home and experience its benefits. No matter if it's minimalistic, traditional, or something creatively made from an old dresser - you have plenty of options when creating the ideal workspace at home.

Computer desks are essential components of modern home offices, offering significant storage sections, keyboard trays, and space for the CPU. Writing desks offer reduced storage while offering comfortable workspace for desktop PCs or laptops.

West Elm offers many home office pieces designed for creating the ideal workspace, including modern and mid-century designs that suit small spaces and expansive walls offering plenty of storage options and bookcases. Plus, browsing filters make finding just the right piece easy!

Add a plant to your desk as decor and inspiration, or try these blue light-blocking glasses to reduce eye strain while working.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt-and-turn windows offer convenient ventilation solutions with a straightforward twist of their handle. A European favorite, they are now becoming more sought-after among homeowners in the US.

Tilt and turn windows offer one of the primary benefits of tilt and turn windows: improved ventilation. When opened from the top, these windows allow hot air out while cool, fresh air comes in without creating drafts, making them ideal for small rooms such as dens and washrooms that don't have space for another window or door.

One reason for their popularity is how easy they are to keep clean. Their design allows you to open them fully and turn them vertically towards the inside for quick wiping down, which is especially useful in hard-to-reach corners where dust or dirt tends to gather.

Windows that open inward are also much safer than other types. They can be locked securely to block out weather and unwanted intruders, providing your home with maximum protection - this is particularly crucial if you have young children who might try climbing out or sticking their fingers through.

Tilt and turn windows offer superior energy efficiency. Their tighter air seals allow for tighter energy-saving seals than sliding and single/double-hung windows, leading to lower energy bills and a more comfortable home environment. Germany's stringent energy conservation laws force manufacturers to test their products for longer than in the UK, leading to more significant savings due to reduced energy bills and heating or cooling costs.

Frequently asked questions about tilt and turn windows include how easy they are to install, how easy they are to maintain, and how energy efficient they are.

Coffee Station

Every office should have an in-office coffee station, as having one allows you to avoid scheduling meetings around coffee break times or running out during an important phone call to buy coffee on your way to work. Furthermore, having an in-office coffee station encourages a more social atmosphere within your team by giving members more chances to interact and build stronger bonds with each other.

Planning a coffee station requires finding an area in either your kitchen or office with plenty of space for a coffee maker and counter space to store supplies. Or use an empty bar cart or decorative table as your station; whatever method you select must include both a sink/drain for dish-washing purposes and an easily maintained countertop surface for easy maintenance.

Storage containers for coffee beans, sugars, and sweeteners will also be handy. Consider caddies, canisters, or drawer sets that fit the room's decor theme to achieve an integrated look. Adding a fridge near your coffee station for milk, cream, and other items requiring refrigeration comes in handy.

A coffee station would only be complete with some delicious add-ins. Be sure to offer traditional and reduced sugar versions and syrups for team members to choose from. A jar or two of stirring sticks or spoons would add an elegant finishing touch.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

An anti-fatigue mat can dramatically enhance the comfort of prolonged standing. These mats help address ergonomic issues associated with standing, such as foot and lower back pain, varicose veins, and neck problems.

Productivity increases by keeping employees healthy and comfortable at work. Healthy employees who can focus are less likely to leave or require sick days, which helps save the company on hiring and training costs.

These mats come in various sizes and materials to meet the individualized needs of users, from light-duty mats designed for dry environments to industrial-grade ones suitable for wet or oily locations. Mats typically use PVC (vinyl), rubber, or polyurethane materials, with each material impacting its performance and durability.

Mats come in various styles and colors to fit any decor, from fabric coverings with nitrile rubber surfaces and beveled safety edges, closed-cell nitrile blended cushioning that outlives traditional foam mats, to wood grain finishes for the office environment. Individual mats or bulk orders may be purchased; extra long "runners" cover entire workstation lengths while puzzle piece mats provide more coverage area - while many feature antimicrobial surfaces or fire retardant options, and some even boast puncture-proof construction!

Cable Tray

Unsightly wires can quickly take over any workspace. Cords from laptop chargers, lamps, and other devices not only create trip hazards but can irritate coworkers and clients alike. A cable tray can help alleviate these issues by awakening your neat inner freak while improving the aesthetics of your home office.

Support systems crafted from aluminum or steel come with various design options, including trough (single rail), ladder, basket, and wire-mesh designs, depth options, and wall fixing or central support options. Some trays offer to vent to facilitate air circulation and drainage while others feature solid bottoms; some even offer ventilation to promote airflow; another offers a 2 by 2-grid pattern to minimize cable sagging - perfect for fiber optic networks!

A ladder cable tray features rungs resembling those found in a ladder for easy cable routing. Welded versions provide moderate heat protection; corrosion-resistant stainless steel versions also exist, as do options that provide insulation against high voltage, low voltage, or fiber optic networks.

Ladder and wire basket trays are created by welding stainless steel wires into mesh form, producing ladder-shaped wire trays that are typically used for telecom and low voltage cable management, either vented or non-vented, depending on your cable provider and application. Their medium-span design makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Selecting the ideal cable tray depends on both your individual needs and budget. Some kits include all the products necessary to keep your home office organized while saving you money; select one in a color that complements or contrasts nicely with your desk for an added pop of personality!