Call Center Philippines

In recent years, the Philippines has become the most sought-after destination for putting up a BPO. Many businesses feel that outsourcing their call center services to Phillipunes will be bright. This is because the call centers in Phillippines are comparatively cheaper and more flexible. Some of the key benefits that every business enjoys by setting up a call center in the Philippines are as follows -

 In the realm of customer service, the quality of communication is paramount. This is why many businesses are turning to American Owned Call Center, which focuses on providing every customer top-notch, transparent, and efficient service. This approach ensures that every interaction leaves a positive impression, fostering client trust and loyalty.

Fluency in the English language

Communication skills are the most crucial quality that a company wants to have in its customer support executive. And as most people in developing nations like the Philippines speak English as their second language, they are very fluent in the language. This makes them a perfect candidate for call center services.

Most people in the Philippines learn English at the primary level. They prefer to use it as a professional language over any local language. They also understand English grammar well, so it is easy to communicate with foreign customers. Thus, a company looking for a stellar customer support team fluent in English can consider call center outsourcing in the Philippines.

Affordable services

There are numerous costs that a company has to incur while setting up a call center. These include set-up costs, equipment and overhead costs, and training expenses. But if you were to tie up with a BPO in the Philippines, they would handle all these costs. Furthermore, the average salary of a BPO employee in the Philippines is much lower than in any developed nation due to the low cost of living in the country.

For instance, you are a US-based company, and if you want to set up a BPO in the US, the average salary you need to give is $30,000 p.a. But if you set up a BPO in the Philippines, you will be paying only $8000 p.a. This equates to massive savings for the company setting up the BPO.

Offers services round the clock

Most companies in developed nations need help to offer 24/7 services due to government-imposed working hours. But no such thing exists in the Philippines, and they can also work during non-operational hours. In the Philippines, outsourcing services make up a considerable chunk of their economy, so people are accustomed to working occasional night and evening overtime.

Furthermore, a company is not required to hire separate night-shift employees to handle these non-operational hours. Many call center agents nationwide can take up your complete workload and provide 24/7 coverage.

Friendly government infrastructure

The Philippines government is very open and supportive of any foreign company that wants to set up call center services in the Philippines. The government also offers various incentives to new startups in the country. Companies enjoy several tax benefits, such as tax breaks and tax holidays. Some of the key benefits are -
  • Permanent residence for investors and their immediate family
  • Significant local tax exemptions
  • Four-year exemption from corporate income tax.
  • Exemption of duty on the import of raw materials, supplies, and equipment.


Apart from all these benefits from the government and cost savings, you also get access to a young employable population that is well-educated. This helps companies offer best-in-class customer support ensuring customer satisfaction and 24/7 availability. For additional trade benefits, a company can set up their BPO in any special economic zone of the Philippines, where you can get other trade incentives from the government.