Fire Tables

Fire pits provide ambiance and warmth to your outdoor living space. You should consider a fire table instead if you want to get some marshmallow browning and s'mores fixes.

Fire tables differ from fire pits in that their free-standing design means you don't have to embed them in concrete. Because of this, fire tables are better for placement on decks and patios.

If you have been considering installing a fire table, this guide can help you choose the right one by walking you through the different options.

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Propane fire tables are available in various styles and designs, so it is important to know the different types before making a purchase. One popular type is the contemporary style, which typically features a sleek top with various colors, sizes, and shapes.

The traditional design features a wood-burning firebox for a classic look and can support bowls, logs, or stones for a customizable look. Another popular option is the tabletop fire bowl, which rests on a metal stand and features a removable bowl.

Gas fire bowls are a great choice because they are easy to set up, have a clean-burning flame, and don’t require any smoke or ash clean-up.

If you want to save space, you can choose a flat table fire pit, which allows the flame to be enjoyed from a flat surface. Lastly, a propane fire ring is perfect for camping trips and can be easily adjusted to fit more people around the fire.

Natural Gas

Fire tables or fire pits are great outdoor accent pieces for family gatherings, providing a warm, inviting atmosphere. Natural gas fire tables offer the convenience and portability of a traditional fire pit but with the added benefit of using readily-available natural gas as their fuel source.

Natural gas fire tables are perfect for homeowners who lean towards the modern when it comes to decorating the outdoor space, as natural gas fire tables can come in all different styles and shapes—from sleek and modern, to rustic and traditional.

They also are an excellent option for those with concerns about air quality or smoke, as burning natural gas produces almost no smoke and no visible soot. Natural gas fire tables are also known for their efficiency and cost savings, as they can be conveniently operated and heat up quickly.


Wood is a popular choice for fire tables because of its heat-resistant nature and timeless appeal. Its natural beauty allows it to blend seamlessly into outdoor spaces, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Wood is also the most affordable material option, and its maintenance is minimal. Some common types of wood used for fire tables include teak, cedar, and eucalyptus. Teak is the most popular choice due to its strength and durability, making it ideal for long-lasting furniture.

Cedar is sometimes used due to its naturally occurring oils that help protect the wood. Eucalyptus is the most affordable wood option, known to be very durable and heat-resistant.


Fire Tables Charcoal is a great way to light up your outdoor area for a special gathering, as its warmth and smoky aroma can add to the ambiance. Charcoal is the primary fuel source for these Fire Tables and is a great option for saving money and time.

Charcoal is economical to buy and easy to find in-store. Charcoal's main benefit is that it produces more smoke than most other fuels, creating a unique smoky flavor to grilled foods. The downside to using charcoal is that it takes longer than other fuels to light and needs more attention to maintain the desired temperature.

Fire Tables Charcoal also requires regular and thorough cleaning when switching between fuels, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. Charcoal is a great option for someone looking to add flavor and ambiance to their backyard or just looking for an economical option for grilling.


Fire tables made with bioethanol are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a realistic flame without the mess and upkeep of traditional fire pits. These fire tables come in various shapes and sizes. This allows them to fit into any outdoor space.

They use bioethanol fuel, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel sources. This fuel does not produce smoke, sparks, or soot, making it a safe and attractive choice. The flame can be adjusted and can provide heat on cool days.

Fire tables made with bioethanol fuel are also easy to use—the fuel is prepared in an easy-to-transport container and can be poured into the table and lit with any fire source, such as a lighter or match.

Bioethanol fire tables can also be used indoors if proper ventilation is provided. These aesthetically pleasing tables can add a modern twist to any outdoor living space.


Gel Fire tables are a great addition to any outdoor living area. They typically use a clean-burning liquid fuel that is placed in a stainless steel container, with the flame being controlled using match-lit igniters.

Gel fuel is an easy, low-maintenance way to fuel outdoor fire features that do not require a wood-burning fire. Gel fuel fire tables are designed to hold the gel canisters and use this fuel to create a beautiful, low-smoke, and safer fire.

Gel fuel typically burns with smokeless and odorless flames that are less intense than wood-burning fires. Gel fuel also produces more energy than wood-burning fires, meaning that they burn for a longer period of time. Gel fire tables are a great way to create a beautiful fire without the mess of wood or the intense heat and smoke.

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Explore the Different Types of Fire Tables

Fire tables are incredibly versatile and come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. They offer an easy and efficient way to enjoy the warmth and coziness of a fire in your backyard or patio.

If you want to add a fire table to your outdoor area, contact your local fireplace shop to explore your best options!

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