Water Heater Needs Repair

Water heaters are an important appliance in the home, providing hot water for bathing, cleaning, and cooking. However, just like any other machine or appliance, a water heater can break down over time due to wear-and-tear or improper maintenance. If you live in San Diego and think your water heater might be on its last legs, these 10 signs could confirm it needs repair. Read on to learn what they are!

1. Unusual Noises:

An aging or malfunctioning water heater can make unusual noises, such as gurgling, popping, and banging. If you hear any of these coming from your water heater, it’s time to call a professional for repairs.

2. Low Water Pressure:

Low water pressure is a sign that there may be a clog somewhere in the line leading to your water heater. This clog can prevent it from heating the water properly and should be inspected by an expert immediately. When you call up or schedule water heater repair in San Diego, CA, the technician will be able to inspect the water lines and make repairs as needed.

3. Rusty Water:

Another common sign that your water heater is on its last legs is rusty-looking hot water running from the faucet when you turn it on. This indicates corrosion within the tank, which cannot be repaired and requires the replacement of the entire unit.

4. Leaks: 

As water heaters age, they can develop small leaks around the tank, valves, or fittings. These should be identified and repaired immediately to avoid further damage to your flooring and walls.

5. High Energy Bills: 

A failing water heater may not be doing its job as efficiently as it should, resulting in higher energy bills. If you notice a sudden spike in your electric bill that cannot be explained, it could mean that your water heater needs repair or replacement.

6. Lack of Hot Water: 

Not getting enough hot water when you turn on the tap? This could mean that there’s an issue with your water heater’s thermostat or heating element. Have a professional inspect the unit to determine the cause of the issue and make any necessary repairs.

7. Water Around the Tank: 

If you notice water pooling around your water heater, this could be a sign that there is a leak somewhere in the tank. Have it inspected for further investigation and possible repairs.

8. Age of the Unit: 

The average lifespan of a water heater is 8-12 years, so if yours is older than that, it may need to be replaced soon. Consider replacing your unit with an energy-efficient model for more savings on utility bills in the long run!

9. Foul Smells: 

If you detect strange odors coming from your water heater, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the unit. Have an expert check it out and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

10. Poor Performance: 

If your water heater isn’t performing as well as it used to (or never really performed well in the first place), it may be time for repair or replacement. A professional can help you determine which option makes more sense for your particular situation. A new water heater installation in Temecula, CA may be the best way to go if your unit is beyond repair.

If you notice any of these 10 signs that your water heater needs repair in San Diego, CA, contact a professional immediately to avoid further damage and expensive repair bills down the road!

Tips To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Water Heater:

- Have it inspected regularly by a professional to identify any small issues before they become big ones
- Make sure the temperature of the thermostat is appropriate and not too high
- Flush the tank once a year to keep it clean and running smoothly
- Insulate the pipes leading to and from your water heater to prevent heat loss
- Install an insulation blanket around the tank to reduce standby heat losses.

Taking care of your water heater can save you big in the long run, so be sure to follow these tips! If you need more help with water heater repair or replacement in San Diego, CA, contact By The Book Plumbing at 866-441-8511 today for assistance. We’ll get your system back up and running quickly so you can enjoy hot showers again soon!