Plumbing Problems

Living in Anthem, AZ comes with its own unique set of plumbing problems. From low water pressure to clogged drains, the issues can range from mild annoyances to massive headaches. By understanding these common problems and how to fix them, you’ll be able to save yourself time and money when it comes to plumbing needs. Below are the 10 most common plumbing problems in Anthem and directions on how to address each one.
  1. Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure is a common issue that can be caused by a variety of factors such as water leaks or broken pipes in your home’s plumbing system. To address this issue, try checking for any visible signs of damage along the pipes running through your house and call a plumber if necessary.
  2. Clogged Drains: To fix this, try using a drain cleaner or plunging the drain yourself if the clog is close to the surface of the drain. If that doesn’t work, it may be time to call a professional experienced in plumbing in Anthem, AZ.
  3. Leaky Pipes: Leaky pipes can cause major damage and water waste over time so it's important to address them quickly when they occur. To do this, start by checking for any visible signs of leaking such as water stains on walls or floors, and then investigate further with an inspection from a professional plumber.
  4. Water Heater Issues: A broken water heater can be a major inconvenience, but fortunately it’s usually an easy fix. Start by checking the thermostat and resetting it if necessary, then inspect the tank for any signs of rust or leaks. If these steps don’t work, contact a plumbing professional for assistance.
  5. Running Toilets: A running toilet can not only drive up your water bill but also be an annoyance in your home. To address this issue, start by jiggling the handle to make sure everything is flush before inspecting the flapper valve and replacing it if necessary. If that doesn’t work, call a plumber to help.
  6. Clogged Garbage Disposal: A clogged garbage disposal can be a huge hassle, but it’s usually easy to fix. To start, turn off the power and try using a plunger or plumber’s snake if you feel comfortable doing so. If that doesn't work, call a professional for assistance.
  7. Sewer Line Problems: Start by inspecting your home's sewer lines for any signs of damage such as cracks or broken seals before calling a plumber in Anthem, AZ to assess the situation further and recommend possible solutions.
  8. Slow Drains: Slow drains are a common issue in Anthem and can be caused by everything from mineral buildup to tree root intrusion. To address this, try using a drain-cleaning solution or rummaging through the pipes for any foreign objects clogging them up. If these steps don't work, contact a professional plumber to help. Professional drain cleaning in Peoria, AZ can help to get your drains flowing freely again.
  9. Broken Sprinkler Systems: A broken sprinkler system is an issue that should be addressed immediately before it causes further damage to your property and water bill. Start by checking the sprinkler heads for any signs of damage such as cracks or blockages before inspecting the wiring and valves to ensure everything works properly. If nothing else works, call a professional plumber experienced in sprinkler systems in Anthem to take a closer look and make any necessary repairs.
  10. Leaky Sinks: Leaky sinks can be an annoyance but usually aren’t too hard to fix. Start by checking the faucet for signs of damage before inspecting the plumbing under the sink. If everything looks normal, try tightening the nuts and bolts that keep it secure before calling a plumber.
No matter what type of plumbing issue you’re having, always contact a professional experienced in plumbing in Anthem, AZ for assistance. A reputable plumber will be able to assess the situation quickly and recommend possible solutions so you can get back to enjoying your home again without worry! Contact Plomero en Phoenix at 602-730-4663 to learn more or book an appointment!