Electrical work is essential for home maintenance and improvement but can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Hiring the right electrician for your project in St. John's, NL, is essential for ensuring a safe outcome - to avoid any hazards or costly mistakes, here are 10 tips to follow when hiring an electrician in St. John's:
  1. Don’t neglect to do proper research: Make sure you understand exactly what type of electrical work needs to be done and clearly know what kind of electrician will best suit the job. Do some background research on potential electricians by checking out reviews and speaking with past customers to understand their experience and skill level.
  2. Don’t hire without a written contract: Protect yourself from potential problems by having an electrician sign a detailed written agreement of the work, including any necessary permits and inspections. Ensure that all costs are included in the contract, as well as a timeline for project completion.
  3. Don’t forget to double-check credentials: Ensure that you're hiring someone who has proper licenses or certifications and is up-to-date on current electrical code requirements in St. John's. Ask for proof of their qualifications before signing agreements or making payments.
  4. Don’t accept estimates over the phone: Get an in-person estimate to judge the electrician’s knowledge and experience firsthand. You should get an estimate for the entire project during the meeting, not just a ballpark figure.
  5. Don’t hire someone without insurance: Ensure your electrician is insured in case of any accidents or damages during their work. Ask for proof of valid liability insurance before signing any agreements or making payments.
  6. Don't accept generic materials: Before starting work, make sure they are using electrical parts and supplies specifically designed for use in St. John's' climate and soil conditions - as cheap generic materials can be more prone to failure and cause safety issues down the road.
  7. Don’t skimp on safety equipment: Make sure that your electrician arrives with the appropriate safety gear, including hard hats, protective eyewear, insulated gloves, and boots.
  8.  Don’t pay up-front in full: To protect yourself from potential problems, only make payments as work is completed and inspected - never pay for the entire job upfront.
  9. Don't forgo a detailed explanation of the project: It's essential to understand what needs to be done and how long it will take before signing any contracts or agreements. Ask your electrician to explain all aspects of their work in detail so you can avoid surprises later on down the line.
  10. Don’t forget to ask for references: Ask your electrician to provide a list of recent customers so you can check reviews and confirm the quality of their work.
By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding an experienced, reliable electrician in St. John's who will do the job safely and efficiently.

5 Services By Top Electricians In St. John's, NL!

Power installation: Power installation in St. John's, NL, involves installing electrical wiring, outlets, and fixtures for homes and businesses. The electricians in St. John's have the experience and expertise to complete any power installation job with precision and safety.

Electrical Repair: Electrical repair services include repairing broken or faulty electrical systems, circuits, outlets, switches, fuses, and more. Electricians are experts at troubleshooting electrical problems and quickly identifying solutions.

Lighting Installation: Lighting installation is a specialized task that requires special tools and knowledge. Electricians in St. John's offer lighting installations for interior and exterior spaces, ranging from simple switch replacements to complex security systems or motion detectors.

Surge Protection: Surge protection is an important safety measure that protects your home or business from sudden and damaging power spikes. Electricians in St. John's have the expertise to install surge protection devices and secure your electrical systems.

Generator Installation: Generator installation ensures your home or business is never without power, even during a power outage. Electricians in St. John's can install generators to ensure you have reliable electricity when needed.

These are just a few services offered by electricians in St. John's, NL - contact one today to discuss any electrical needs you may have! With their expertise and knowledge, they can provide safe, reliable solutions for all your needs. If you want to learn more or book an appointment, please dial (709) 687-5393 to reach Shock Free Electrical.