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Drinking and socializing with friends is a massive part of American culture, and the bar industry is bouncing back as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes. An estimated 71 percent of adults between 21 and 29 drink alcohol, and many of these people are ready to become patrons at a new bar.

The bar industry market size is massive nationwide, and finding ways to differentiate your bar is crucial to your long-term success. The traditional light beers and pool tables will create a bland bar experience while others take advantage of the newest bar industry trends.

The good news is that you've found the perfect guide to building a bar business plan and a loyal following. Keep reading for three trends to raise the bar for your watering hole today!

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CBD Drinks

CBD is no longer limited to lotions and tinctures. Many bars add CBD drinks to the menu to attract new customers and provide a different experience. Cannabidiols come from the cannabis plant and lack THC's psychoactive properties, but they provide a higher level of stress relief and relaxation.

You can purchase CBD-infused teas, cocktails, and coffee at the establishments serving these exciting drinks in the bar industry. To remain compliant, check your local laws before adding CBD beverages to your menu. It's not worth risking your bar over a prohibited drink.

Entertainment Options

The days of bars filled with pool tables and dart boards aren't over, but it's fair to say the bar industry is evolving. Bar industry statistics show that more bars targeted live entertainment after the pandemic. Your bar revenue statistics will skyrocket when you provide live music and comedians to your patrons.

Other bars are adding more games to the mix, particularly cornhole and axe throwing. Adding these activities to your bar business plan will help you stand out from the other bars in your area. Consider hosting events and adding new games to your bar to help your marketing plan.

Self-Serve Beverages

A significant drawback to spending time at the bar is waiting when attempting to order another drink. You could spend long periods during your night outstanding at the bar and waiting for your turn to get a drink or two. The bar industry is changing things up and offering self-serve beverages in 2024.

They're often marketed as beer walls, and they're your chance to easily skip the line and pick your poison. Provide information about alcohol content and where the beer is sourced to help your patrons make the best decision.

Keep Up With the Bar Industry at Your Establishment in 2024

The bar industry is making massive changes as people start socializing again after the pandemic, and you must hop on board. CBD drinks are an excellent option to add to your bar industry marketing if you want new customers, while live entertainment is a guaranteed way to draw large crowds. Self-serve beverages are also significant for the added convenience they provide.

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