Commercial Mailboxes

There are a few important factors to consider when shopping for commercial mailboxes for private delivery. These include your property’s needs, USPS or private delivery options and mailbox type. For example, if you’re looking for a USPS approved mailbox, you’ll want to choose one that meets the Standard-4C Regulation. This is the most secure option for your property.

Centralized Delivery

Commercial mailboxes allow for centralized mail delivery, allowing US Postal Workers to deliver letters and parcels to multiple tenants simultaneously. This can be a great way to cut down on post office trips and save time for tenants who have a lot of mail to collect.

Horizontal mailboxes are ideal for various businesses and commercial properties, as they offer large mail slots with a small footprint. They can be installed in either a recessed or wall-mounted manner and are available in front-loading and rear-loading styles. Similarly, vertical mailboxes are an excellent choice for apartment complexes, offices, and other multi-tenant buildings that need to distribute large volumes of mail. They come in 3 to 7-door styles and are built to USPS standards.

Florence rear-loading mailboxes feature heavy gauge aluminum and steel construction, tenant mailbox locks that stop mail theft, and secure access to all mailbox compartments at once from a separate secure room. The Florence cluster box unit is a popular option for centralized delivery. These mailboxes are made from stainless steel and durable aluminum, making them perfect for outdoor use in all weather conditions. These units are USPS approved for centralized delivery, and they are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Another solution for centralized delivery is freestanding depot mailboxes, which are a great fit for commercial or apartment tenants who want to receive a regular sized letter and parcel at once. These boxes are locked as well, so only the USPS can access the mail compartments. These mailboxes are a great way to increase mail and parcel distribution efficiency while enhancing your property’s curb appeal. They’re also more economical than installing individual curbside mailboxes, and they help keep your tenants happy.


If you’re looking for a mailbox that offers USPS access and is available for private delivery, you should consider a cluster mailbox. These units provide a secure means of receiving mail and packages, making them an excellent choice for commercial properties, apartment buildings, and single-family homes.

These units offer the convenience of multiple compartments to receive mail and can contain one, two, or four parcel lockers that can be used to hold large packages. These lockers have a key left in the box and can be accessed by recipients whenever they need to retrieve a parcel. Some cluster mailboxes also have a slot that can be accessed for outgoing mail. This allows carriers to collect and store incoming mail before delivering it to individual recipients’ mailboxes.

Many cluster mailboxes come with a protective finish that helps prevent corrosion and weather damage. The components are all powder coated, which makes these units last a long time and reduces the maintenance you’ll have to do in the future. You can also choose from various finishes for your mailbox, such as green, white, black, and bronze. These finishing colors contribute to the lifespan of your mailbox and increase its appearance, which is why they’re popular among property managers.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) requires developers of new housing developments to install cluster mailboxes to make it easy for residents to receive mail and packages. These boxes are an attractive addition to communities and are generally more secure than roadside mailboxes because they have a locking mechanism that protects the mailbox from damage by vandals.

If you’re considering purchasing a cluster mailbox for your property, it’s important to consult with the post office before purchasing. You may need to get approval for this type of mailbox, and you’ll also want to find out how you can best access it in an emergency or if you need to change the lock. And if you’re not sure who is responsible for maintaining your cluster mailbox, it’s best to speak with the property manager or homeowner association. Most HOAs are established and will know the standards for maintaining their mailboxes.

Mail Chest

A mail chest mailbox is a perfect solution for any commercial or residential property with many tenants who want to provide a more convenient way to receive their mail. These high-security commercial mailboxes have a front and rear access locking door made entirely of rust-proof aluminum. They are available in various colors and have an outgoing mail tray exclusively for outgoing mail.

Aside from providing a secure and convenient way to distribute mail, these centralized mailboxes are also stylish. They are available in various styles and can be easily customized to match any landscape. They also have a newspaper holder that can be attached to the mailbox.

Traditionally, these are hung on the front of buildings or homes, providing a large space to hold letters and parcels. These mailboxes are also available with a lock, so no one else can take advantage of the mailbox. Some even have key keepers that allow for easier access to the unit.

US Post Company

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