Bathroom Rentals
The goal at any event is not only to make it well-attended but also to make it successful in all aspects. One critical factor has the suitable porta potty for your guests.

Porta johns are an affordable and effective way to provide guests with a clean, sanitary bathroom. However, selecting the correct porta john for the needs of your event takes insight.

Keep reading to learn the three tips for selecting the best bathroom rentals for your event.

1. Consider the Number of Guests

When considering how many bathroom rentals to choose from, it’s essential first to determine the number of expected guests. You want to ensure that the number of restrooms will be sufficient enough to meet their needs. For example, a small party with ten guests requires two portable toilets, while a significant event with 100 guests requires at least eight porta johns.

If you are expecting a large number of guests, remember that the ratio of restroom units to guests should be at least one bathroom per 25 guests. If you’re expecting a rush of activity at specific points during your event, such as meal times, you may need to add extra porta johns.

2. Evaluate the Overall Quality of the Rental Bathrooms

The quality of the rental bathrooms is decent, depending on the individual unit. Many rentals have modern fixtures and finishes and are regularly updated with new or upgraded features. Some also have steel or porcelain tubs and showers, custom cabinetry, and new lighting.

Consider the bathroom rental form. This form has information on the porta potty rental, including size, location, and dates. Having this form filled out allows the customer to evaluate the overall quality of the rental bathrooms.

Look for references and reviews online. This way, customers can see what other customers say about their experience with the rental bathrooms. Check the type of material used to construct the rental bathroom. Quality material is essential to ensure that the rental toilet can handle heavy use and potential abuse from patrons.

3. Research Each Rental Company

It will help if you read customer reviews before selecting a bathroom rental company because this will give you an insight into the level of service you can expect and the quality of the equipment they provide. Use online resources or check porta john rentals here to get more information on the rental company.

Make sure to ask questions from the company before making a final decision. These questions can include whether the bathroom is heated or air-conditioned, the number of bathrooms in the lot, and the scheduling policy. Find out what the contracts have in terms of duration, deposit, and additional fees.

Find the Best Bathroom Rentals for Your Event Today

Renting the right Porta-John for your event can be a challenging task. Following these three tips for choosing bathroom rentals, you can safely and efficiently meet your restroom needs.

Start your search today and find the best solution for your event!

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