The flying public is growing daily, and the numbers are rising. In fact, as of this year, there are now an estimated 3 billion frequent flyers worldwide.

Flying is an ordinary affair for millions, from the wealthiest to the middle class. However, it signifies luxury, prestige, and exclusivity for a select few.

For those in the second category, consider chartering a private jet.

How much will it cost to charter a private jet?

We want to provide you with some information and answer your questions. Keep reading to get a complete rundown of everything you ought to know about chartering different types of private jets.

Smaller Private Jet

When chartering a private jet, the cost highly depends on the aircraft you are looking for and the service you need. The Jackson Jet Center offers a variety of aircraft, from light jets and turboprops to larger jets and VLJs, which can range in cost from around $2,000 per hour to over $15,000 per hour.

The cost to charter a smaller private jet, such as a Citation Mustang or a Learjet 45, will vary depending on several factors.

It includes the length and location of the flight, the number of passengers, the size of the aircraft, and the time of year. Generally, charter flights in a little private jet cost between $1,300 and $7,000 per hour.

The cost may also be affected by peak periods, fuel charges, repositioning fees, and airport fees.

Midsize Private Jet

Chartering a private jet can be an expensive endeavor. But it is also one of the most luxurious and convenient travel methods.

Midsize private jets typically cost anywhere from $2,500 to $12,000 an hour. It depends on the size, range, features, and amenities—generally, the longer the flight, the higher the total cost of a jet.

It is essential to consider the capacity of the aircraft. Think of the number of passengers when calculating the cost. In addition to the flight, passengers may have to pay fuel costs, landing fees, and other associated expenses.

While chartering a private jet can cost more than other forms of travel, it is often the best way to travel quickly and conveniently.

Larger Private Jet

Chartering a private jet, precisely a more extensive one can be expensive. Due to the size of larger jets, they generally require more fuel, bigger crews, and hangar costs.

It can typically escalate the cost of chartering. A one-way flight of a large jet can range between $20,000 and $100,000.

It depends on the jet type and the distance of the flight. If the jet is for multiple trips, the closer the destination, the less the cost.

Also, the more onboard passengers, the more the cost per person decreases. Features and amenities such as catering, concierge services, extra crew, and additional stops add to the overall cost.

Charter a Private Jet for Your Luxury Trips

Chartering a private jet is an expensive experience, but when the cost is not an issue, it offers a luxurious and convenient experience. It empowers travelers to travel safely and efficiently to their locations.

If you are considering chartering a private jet, contact a charter company for a more accurate estimate for your next trip.

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