Software development is complex and requires specific knowledge, skills, special tools, and a professional team. In addition, there is a need to have stable funding. Today, let's explore how much it will cost to develop websites and mobile applications using the .NET framework and the opportunities to save without losing quality.

Why choose the .NET framework?

According to surveys, 31% of people use applications built with .NET. Microsoft owns this framework, and it has been trendy since 2007. It is because applications created with this application have many benefits. Among the most important are the following:
  • Good compatibility;
  • Scalable;
  • Support many programming languages;
  • Low cost;
  • High performance.
The .NET supports 44 programming languages, allowing you to create complex software with many features. Thus, specialists can choose the programming languages they know well and best suited for solving goals and problems.

In addition, it has a vast library with ready-made modules and other ready-made solutions. It allows you to take pre-made pieces of code, making creating your new Lego product quicker and easier. All modules here are open source, enabling you to quickly make changes and create a unique and more helpful effect.

How much does .NET application development cost?

development cost

Companies that want to create custom .NET applications are wondering how much it might cost. The answer depends on a considerable number of factors. The average cost of small applications with one or two functions can cost about four thousand dollars. At the same time, more complex multifunctional applications can easily cost 20-30 thousand dollars and more.

After studying the desired project features, only the software development company can count the exact price. We will not consider the freelance services of individual developers, as this is not enough for a large project. Many factors can affect the cost, such as the technology stack and integration of the application within different platforms; the development of a complex system of levels of clearance or protection; potential load, and the complexity of architecture planning, which can result in a long production and testing process.

On what factors does the cost depend?

The cost of software development depends on many factors, as has been said. Let's dig into the most important of them.

The complexity of application development

The development cost depends mainly on the complexity of the product development process. In most cases, the development price depends on the time the developers spend working on your project because they are paid per hour.

The speed of creating small applications that have only an informational function is very high. Some platforms can be completed within a week, so the cost of developing such applications is low, on average, 2 thousand dollars.

Medium apps have several valuable features and a friendly interface. They can scale and grow. Usually, they are used by small and medium businesses, as well as e-commerce businesses.

The most complex applications have many features, a unique CMS, a vast database, and much more. It involves hiring a massive number of different specialized specialists. Such development costs are incredibly high; they can sometimes reach 50 thousand dollars or more monthly.

Developers Choice

Each company sets its prices for the services provided. As a rule, small teams with little experience charge the minimum cost for their services, but you should expect that you can get something other than an outstanding result.

At the same time, companies that have brought specialists with extensive experience and immense qualifications can charge vast amounts of money for their services. Here you can get excellent quality software; however, you will most likely pay more than expected.

Nevertheless, there are a large number of companies in the world that set a logical cost for services that meet the "price-quality" criterion. In this case, you will get a good result for a reasonable price.

Data security application

Data security

Data security is immense in almost all industries (especially healthcare and the financial sector). No matter how good your software is, it will get crashed after the first data breach. Thus, the slightest leak can create a very negative reputation, which will lead to the complete collapse of the company.

So, you need to hire professionals with sophisticated knowledge and skills in this industry and pay for sophisticated tools to create the perfect security.

Developer Location

The cost of development is highly dependent on the location of the developers. So, specialists from the USA or Canada ask for large sums of money for their services. At the same time, there are very experienced specialists from India or the CIS countries. Their qualifications and work experience are equal to American specialists, but they charge 2-3 times less for their services.

However, hiring professionals from these regions can be severely hampered by language barriers and issues related to payment for services and taxation. However, quite a few techniques today help solve these problems.

In the end

As you can see, the cost of developing software on this framework depends on many factors. We advise you to talk to your friends and acquaintances and determine how much they paid for software consciousness. You can also contact several companies with a request to calculate the exact cost of development and choose the one that will offer you the most favorable conditions.