Journaling is the activity of writing down your feelings or what's on your mind regularly in a journal. With journaling, you can express yourself freely through words without having to think about the opinions and judgments of other people.

Even nowadays, journaling has become one preferred activity that is believed to be good for mental health.

What are the Benefits of Journaling?

Journaling has many benefits if you make it a part of your daily routine. Not everyone can have the same impact, but it's almost impossible not to get the positive side of journaling.

1. Stress Management

Stress in life is a common thing. Everyone must have felt stress in their life, which can not be eliminated completely. But what's important is to manage it so that stress doesn't have a bad impact on your life.

Regularly writing in a journal has been proven to have a good impact in helping to identify and accept emotions. Knowing the source of your stress can help you to be able to handle it better.

2. Reduces General Anxiety

One of the benefits of journaling is that it can reduce anxiety. When you start journaling, you will create a positive dialogue with yourself. You will be able to write down the negative thoughts in your head that could be part of your current anxiety. Thus, you will be able to manage the anxiety because you have found the root of the anxiety itself.

3. Helping the Recovery Process Due to Trauma

Having experienced unpleasant things in the past can create trauma for a person. This inner wound can be slowly recovered by writing it down in a journal. You will be able to see the good side of life and the lessons from every incident. This allows you to let go and accept the past with an open heart. That way, you will slowly be able to recover your traumatic past memory.

4. Part of Self Introspection

Indirectly when you start journaling, you will often write down what you like, what you don't like, how you feel, and what you want. This can be a benchmark for you to assess yourself or do self-introspection so that it can bring progress to your life.

5. Improve Communication Skills

Writing can direct someone to a clear mindset and viewpoint. This can also improve good communication skills. When you are used to expressing your point of view in writing, you can also convey it easily to other people. The more you understand yourself, the more you can make others understand you.

6. Effective Ways to Help You Find Solutions

Usually, when you write in a journal, it usually starts with a problem or event you are facing. When you write it down, you will give yourself space to focus on yourself and your situation. You can find a solution to your problem more effectively because you have written in detail what you are facing. Journaling gives you time to think and explore what you should be doing.

These are the benefits you can have if you do journaling as part of your daily routine. Not only will it be effective to manage your stress and keep your mental health in check, but you will also be able to improve yourself to be a better being.

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