Celebrations last three days and are among the most important Islamic holidays. Approximately 2 billion Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid by exchanging gifts, going on picnics, keeping up with family traditions, or playing games. The celebrations correlate with the completion of the first part of the holy month of Ramadan, and there is much celebration worldwide. Here are the 5 most popular decorations you can buy when celebrating Eid.


Balloons are a great way to celebrate any event and are extremely easy to fill up with air. They come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, so they can be used for almost any occasion. They're best used at birthday parties or other fun celebrations where the children will enjoy playing with them afterward. It doesn't matter if they get popped or dirty because they're cheap enough to replace if necessary. Using a glue gun, you can also have fun making your own different-shaped balloons for Eid celebrations with cut-out pictures. You can buy different colored Ramadan balloons from the party supply store or even find them at discount stores. You can place these around the house, near your front door, or in a basket tied to your neighbor's door. They also make incredible decorations on tables, desks, and mantles.


A banner is a great way to display your Eid wishes to guests and loved ones and are trendy among children. You can make your banners with a colorful background and bright thread or yarn cutouts. These can then be hung around the house, on the front door, or outside near a window. You can also buy different colored banners, which come pre-made at the party supply store or larger department stores.


Another fantastic way to celebrate Eid is with lights. You can string up a garland of lights on your front door, around the house, over your mantel, or in the windows. Singing outdoors with colored flashlights makes for a great way to celebrate too. Not only does this take lighting to a whole new level, but it also symbolizes the light of guidance and enlightenment that Muslims are believed to receive from God during their worship time which lasts throughout Ramadan.


Backdrops are great for expressing your wishes and are especially popular with children. You can put them on the floor and over doors, in baskets, or on mantels to make it easy to change depending on what you need. They can be really funky, bright, or plain and simple if you choose. You can also buy something inexpensive that's colorful but simple, such as flowers or even tree branches hanging from windows to add d├ęcor without spending much money.


Many people like to go outdoors with bunting to mark the end of Eid celebrations. It can be used around the house or on your front door. It's also a great way to show off your wishes and is easy to place and rearrange when needed. You can buy different-sized buntings that come pre-made in various colors at most discount department stores and even some local party supply stores.

Using any of these ideas, you can decorate for the holidays without spending too much money. No matter what it is that you're celebrating, it's always nice to know that there are creative ways to celebrate without breaking the bank. The key is being creative, open-minded, and knowing where to look for great deals.