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Switzerland is recognized for its stunning landscapes, pleasant climate, and abundant nature trails. It is a popular destination for year-round tourism, especially during winter, due to its high mountains and excellent winter sports opportunities. The country's abundance of lakes, rivers, and culture also make it an enticing destination for visitors throughout the year.

Nature and art in Switzerland

Switzerland is a nation where architecture and landscape blend to coexist in harmony. Buildings and infrastructure are constructed in such a way not to diminish the beauty of nature but rather to paint a more complete picture of how human civilization and nature coexist. In Switzerland, you can enjoy the precisely planned, culturally rich cities for a portion of the day before spending the remainder of the day admiring the stunning landscapes of the mountains, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Each of these natural characteristics is a feast for the eyes.

Tourism and its effect on the Swiss economy

Tourism is one of the most important factors when it comes to the economy of the country.
According to a study conducted by OECD in 2019, the tourism industry in Switzerland achieved an all-time high, generating a direct contribution of 2.9% to the country's gross value added (GVA) and providing employment to 173,703 people, which represented 4.2% of all full-time equivalent jobs. However, in 2020, the tourism industry's contribution to GVA declined to 2.2%, and the direct employment rate dropped to 162,766 full-time equivalents, marking a significant 6.3% decrease.

When planning a trip to Switzerland, it is essential to note that if your country requires a Schengen visa, you must acquire travel insurance before arriving. However, if you are from a country that does not require a visa to visit Switzerland, your regular health insurance will be sufficient.

According to the Federal statistic office in Switzerland, this is the number of trips per person during the years 2017-2021 was as follows:

Trip type

Trips with overnight stays

per person
Day trips per person

Number of

Each resident of Switzerland traveled twice in 2021, each trip lasting an average of 10.5 days, and each trip required an overnight stay. With 95% of daily trips and 56% of overnight stays being local, Switzerland accounted for most of these travels.

Regarding the future of tourism and its effect on the economy, by 2030, the potential can be utilized, and resource-efficient growth can be produced if policies to promote sustainable tourism that supports local culture and products are designed and implemented. Similarly, it is essential to develop and use tools to monitor how sustainable development affects tourism that benefits local economies, supports job creation, and promotes handicrafts from the area.

Take the most out of your visit.

Switzerland is defined by its unique terrain, which features crystalline lakes, rolling hills, and soaring mountain ranges like the Alps. The country is also home to other noteworthy cities, including Z├╝rich, Geneva, and Bern, renowned for their rich history, prosperous economies, and cultural landmarks. Visitors to Switzerland can take advantage of the country's comprehensive public transportation system, which connects even the most remote mountain villages to densely populated cities, providing access to almost any attraction on your itinerary. To ensure that you get the most out of your trip to Switzerland, it is recommended that you plan your itinerary in advance and factor in travel time.

Author: Adeline Gjergji