Disability Claim
Applicants waiting on an approved claim from the Social Security Administration should understand the process that your application goes through before approval. You should be in good shape for permission as long as you have provided the SSA with all the necessary documents to support your SSDI application. If you cannot work for 12 months or more because of a disability, you may qualify for social security disability benefits. Here are the top signs your disability claim will be approved.

You Provided Sufficient Medical Records.

The SSA requires applicants to be able to support their application with sufficient medical records listing medical conditions and symptoms that would prohibit the applicant from working. Qualifying applicants should be able to provide the following medical records:
  • Medical history
  • Treatments related to disability
  • Any prescriptions required due to the disability
  • Medical report
  • Imaging test results or diagnostic reports
Your primary care physician or treating doctors for your disability should be able to provide you with any medical evidence required by the SSA.

You Have a Recognized Disability.

For your claim to be approved, the SSA has to recognize your injuries as a disability. There are several reasons your injuries qualify as a disability, including:
  • You are unable to work as a direct result of your disability.
  • You can only work for up to 12 months.
  • You are incapable of “substantial gainful activity” (SGA)

You Are Over 50 Years Old.

While this is not a requirement for approval, it may help you get approved for social security disability benefits with the SSA if you are over 50. Because of the older age, the SSA and government recognize that you will have more difficulty obtaining employment than someone younger.

If you are over 50 with few transferable skills for jobs, you will have a lot of work to gain employment. For example, lacking the degrees required for most office jobs leaves physical jobs, which may not work due to your injuries or disability. You are also less likely to be trained for jobs that require new skills, while a younger person has more time to be prepared.

The Job You Previously Held Required Physical Labor

If your job required physical labor, it would be less likely that you can return to your career with a disability than someone who works in an office. Jobs requiring heavy lifting, physical labor, or even standing or walking could be difficult or impossible with a disability. The SSA takes this into consideration when reviewing your application.

You Hired an Experienced Attorney to Help You File a Claim.

It is crucial to have an experienced social security disability attorney help you file a claim with the SSA. Their experience and understanding of the application process will give you the best chance of an approved claim. They will ensure you can provide all paperwork or supporting evidence that the SSA might need. If you need help completing the application, a personal injury attorney can work with you every step to ensure that you are providing the correct information.