If you're opening a shoe store or trying to cut costs, wholesale shoes can be an attractive option. But be sure to select the right supplier for your needs.

Before diving in, research several wholesale companies and pricing and shipping charges. Also, inquire about order sizes and negotiate a deal that works for both of you.

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Look for a reputable company.

Shoes are integral to fashion, adding a unique touch to any ensemble. Whether you're into high-end designer footwear or want to open up a resale shoe store, finding the right wholesaler can be daunting.

Thankfully, countless wholesalers offer excellent deals on shoes. You can find an extensive selection of women's footwear at a fraction of the cost.

Zappos is one of the best places to look for shoes at every price point and boasts an excellent customer service reputation. Plus, with free shipping and exchanges, you can try them on without worry if they don't fit or suit your style.

Do your research

Research is critical when selecting a wholesaler for your women's shoes store. You need to be able to locate quality products at an affordable price and trusty vendors who deliver them promptly.

When starting a shoe boutique, the wrong inventory can lead to losses and vendor mismatches that leave you missing out on many potential customers. Thus, research is key before selecting any vendor for your business needs.

Identify Your Market and Conduct Research into Who Your Competitors Target, Their Strengths and Weaknesses, and What Products They Sell. This will enable you to decide what products to carry and at what price point to sell them.

Ask for references

One way to determine a wholesaler's reliability is by reaching out and seeking references. You can ask about their product quality, delivery timeliness, and communication style.

Furthermore, you should inquire about their payment terms. Most wholesalers require you to make payment within a certain number of days after receiving their order; this can pose a challenge for small businesses.

Another way to test a wholesaler's reliability is to visit their warehouse and touch their products. This can be an effective way of verifying they have good organization, plenty of inventory, and checking if their sizes match what you sell.


When searching for wholesalers of women's shoe store merchandise, there are a few things you should take into consideration. These include finding a reliable company, doing your due diligence, and seeking discounts.

Additionally, you should think about engaging in negotiations with wholesalers. While this can be a challenging process, it's worth trying.

One of the best ways to bargain is by asking for a discount on your order. This can be an excellent way to get shoes at a fraction of their regular cost. Furthermore, inquire about their return policy; to avoid ending up with damaged or faulty goods that cannot be sold. Doing this will help foster a good relationship with your supplier and encourage them to return for more future purchases.