A shower enclosure offers several benefits over conventional bathroom setups. For instance, they take up less space, prevent water from splashing outside your bathroom area, and are easy to clean. In addition, they are customizable to your needs and are comfortable to give you the ultimate shower experience. However, choosing the suitable one ideal for your bathroom can be challenging. And choosing the wrong size affects installation and your experience. Here is how to choose the right size and shape.

Measure the available space.

First, it’d be best to start by measuring the space available and use the information to choose the right shower cabin size. Doing so is essential because getting an enclosure too large for your bathroom will make installation challenging as it won’t fit and can lead to leaks. On the other hand, one that is too small will feel cramped. Measuring the available space will also help you to get an enclosure that meets your needs. The size will also affect the aesthetics.

Consider your bathroom’s design.

Your bathroom design is also essential for the right shape and size of the shower enclosure. For starters, considering your bathroom’s design will help you choose a sleek enclosure with frameless glass to occupy as little space as possible. The method also will determine the space available to fix the structure. You will choose a compact enclosure for a small bathroom, while a bigger one will accommodate a larger one.

Decide on the number of users.

If you bathe with your partner, you should decide on the number of users to choose the right size and shape. This will help you design the bathroom to accommodate a larger shower enclosure that accommodates multiple users comfortably. In addition, it will help you choose a rectangular one for ample space if you have a large bathroom. And if your bathroom is small, you can choose a compact squared one that is ideal for small bathrooms but can still accommodate multiple users.

Think about accessibility

Considering accessibility will also help you get the right size and shape of a shower enclosure. Suppose you are a family member with mobility issues; you will choose a large enclosure that enables easy movement. Its threshold should also be low enough for easy entry and exit. Considering this factor will also allow you to get the right shape, like a rectangular shower enclosure that not only allows easy movement but is easy to install grab-bars or seats for safety and accessibility.

Consider the additional features.

Consider additional features like a footrest or built-in storage when choosing an enclosure like a shower cabin for the right size and shape. Suppose you don’t want many of these additional features. In that case, you can choose a compact enclosure that will occupy the smallest space. However, you will need a large and rectangular enclosure if you include other features besides the basics, like the steam feature.

Installing a shower enclosure in your bathroom will give you an unrivaled bathing experience. However, its functionality will depend on the size and shape you choose. This can be challenging, especially for untrained eyes. For this reason, it will help to use the information you have read here to help you with the process.