Recruiters must have a strategy to attract and hire excellent candidates for their clients. The recruiter must know which roles they hire for, where to place job advertisements, the criteria for top talent, and more. This individual must fill immediate needs while creating a strategy that allows them to form long-term connections. What are some ways they can achieve these goals?

Optimize the Career Page

IT recruiters need to have an outstanding career page. Job candidates looking for this page when researching a company. Furthermore, this page is an excellent place to share open positions, content relevant to the company and industry, and more.

Highlight what makes the company differ from competitors using this page. Share awards won by the company, core values, the mission statement, and more. In addition, including frequently asked questions on this page. This allows the job seeker to find answers to basic questions to determine if they wish to move forward with learning about the company and reserve specific queries for the interview.

When crafting this page, share information about the job application process. Let candidates know how long the process typically takes and where they can find additional information about a job position. This information will help save both parties time as the process moves forward.

Use Multiple Recruitment Channels

Recruiters tend to use the same channels repeatedly when looking for job candidates. The top channels include the recruiter's professional network and LinkedIn. However, other channels need to be explored. A candidate might be more open to receiving a message on other websites, and information from these sites can significantly help reach out to potential candidates.

Choose sites pertinent to the industry. Ask other members within the industry which sites they frequent and start there. Another place to find new channels is by looking at businesses with similar products and services.

Make sure to pay attention to similar job titles when using different channels. The same person may have other job titles depending on where they work. Make use of social media, as well. Many people turn to social media when looking for a job, as they can easily connect with others using these sites.

Applicant Tracking

Every company should use an applicant tracking system. Large companies see an average of 94 candidates for each open position, which means they deal with an overwhelming number of applications if multiple positions are available.

The applicant tracking system makes it easy to track each candidate as they move through the process. The system collects and stores information about each applicant, including where the recruiter sourced them and how far they have made it in the application process. These systems include several tools, like candidate relationship management features, to simplify the process.

Using this system streamlines the hiring process. Recruiters find they can pull information from the system to improve the hiring process in the future, and candidates appreciate the use of this system. They are noticed in the hiring process, as the recruiter has a way of tracking each person that applies for a position.

Outstanding candidates are in high demand. Having a recruitment strategy in place increases the odds of winning this talent for a client. A recruiter finds achieving this goal easier using the abovementioned strategy. Implement the strategy today and see how they bring in top talent with less effort on the recruiter's part.