Faxing is more complicated than it used to be. A person can use a particular fax machine to take up space. Now faxing is simple and secure if done correctly with the new technology. A person can fax with their e-mail by using a unique toll-free number they are assigned. These faxes go through e-mail to any fax machine to be printed out. In addition, faxes sent from a traditional fax machine can be delivered to a person's e-mail inbox.

What is Email to Fax, and How Does It Work?

Email to fax is actually a service people sign up for. This service makes it possible to fax from email devices and to receive emails from fax machines on these devices. This service eliminates the need to purchase and find space for special fax equipment. One can fax from any device, including tablets, laptops, desktops, or cell phones. This faxing ability is honored by all email providers. Faxes can be sent or received anywhere that has internet service available.

This new service lets business people or anyone else fax directly from their email with a unique toll-free number. It is similar to sending a regular email, except it is a fax that can be received by the other person's fax machine or by an email inbox.

In three easy steps, a person can have their fax on the way to the person they want to receive it. But first, a person needs to sign up for the service and acquire their toll-free number.
  1. The sender composes and addresses a fax message to the correct fax number @send.mfax.io. The number must be prefixed with 1 if it is in the United States or Canada. It looks like this is 10000001111 @ send.mfax.io.
  2. Add allowed attachments to the fax from most internet fax services. These are various styles, such as PDF, JPEG, DOCX, and more.
  3. Press the send button to deliver the fax as any email would be. The document being sent is converted to fax form and delivered. The service will send a confirmation of the delivery message. People can check their fax history on the mFax web portal to retrieve past faxes.

Finding The Best Fax Services to Try

Like most services and products, there are a number of online fax services to choose from. How do you choose the one that is best for you? First, decide what services are needed. Are faxes sent every day, or are they a once-in-a-while thing? Some services are better for each type of use. This service is possible because the newer fax machines are digital and can receive online faxes from computers or phones. Consider these factors.
  • Availability of free or low-rate faxing
  • Reliability as well as the quality of faxes
  • Convenient features of faxing and user-friendly interfaces
  • A number of available and supported file formats
  • An excellent security policy to protect sensitive information
Rating services and articles are good guides, but some services might be perfect and have yet to be included in the testing process. Look at each service's webpage for their information and customer ratings.

Why Use this New Service?

Faxing and fax machines may have gone out of vogue, but government agencies and other entities still insist on using faxes and will not accept emails. Because of this, new services let you send a fax from a computer or mobile device to a regular fax machine over the internet. This ability is essential because a person might need to electronically sign a document and send it back to the party requiring the signature.

This is a convenient way to conduct business without traveling to the documents. It saves time using the United States Postal Service to send the signed document. A person can print out the document they are receiving and sending back without printing out the document they are receiving and sending back.