Mzansi has been wondering why Lindiwe Sisulu is sitting between AKA's parents. The minister of Tourism, Lindiwe Sisulu, found herself trending on Twitter after she was seen sitting next to AKA's father. This comes after many Noticed that AKA's mother cannot even comfort her sobbing husband while Lindiwe Sisulu is in the middle.

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There is a video of the Minister of Tourism where she first sits in the front line seat before the Forbes arrived. The Forbes family arrived at the venue and sat alongside the Minister of Tourism, Lindiwe Sisulu. Twitter users have been saying Lindiwe Sisulu was wrong for sitting in between his parents. Tony and Lynn can't even comfort each other because she sits between them.Read: The tearful face of AKA - Little Kairo Weeps Bitterly During The Memorial Service of Her Father, AKA

People on Twitter say she should've sat at the back since she's not family. Viewers also noticed that she needed to pay more attention. She was bust with her phone whole, AKA's parents are mourning the tragic death of their son. While other Twitter thinks that Sisulu likes concentration and the spotlight.

Many fans and celebrities were seen at the memorial service for AKA. AKA's daughter Kairo Forbes and her mother, DJ Zinhle, are present today. DJ Zinhle and Kairo have also arrived with other members of the Jiyane family.

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