A plate carrier is a primary item to consider during combat. This is the primary reason a high-quality plate carrier is equally significant as ensuring you are well-prepared. The last thing you would want to experience is an unexpected gunshot while you are struggling to get the extra mags placed in the wrong pockets of the jacket. Remember that your plate carrier is only helpful if it is packed correctly. Plate carriers have been considered one of the most utilized items for decades.

It is the most preferred item for protection among military and law enforcement officers. Nowadays, it has also become popular among civilians. This implies the plate carriers have grown in terms of variations and designs, making it challenging to pick the right one for your needs.

Also, finding the ideal configuration and sizing is crucial since improperly equipped, uncomfortable carriers may not be applicable. For this reason, it is helpful to take your time and make sure you choose the best gear and execute the perfect plate carrier setup to quickly access the items vital for the mission when necessary. Keep reading for more information about the proper set-up of plate carriers.

Consider the Fitting

Picking the ideal size of plate carrier will enhance comfortable ide and guarantee the highest protection in all the right areas. The critical sizing method for a specific plate carrier is the correct size of the items you plan to fit. Besides, settling on a plate carrier size that will excellently cover your vital organs is helpful. Additionally, to ensure you have a proper setup of the plate carrier, it helps to settle on a product with a design that will offer adequate room to hold your armour.

Consider the Items You Intend to Carry

It is imperative to remember that a plate carrier is a combination of load carriage and armour system. The product in question is designed to be used and worn with armour plates inside the key compartments. The carrier might fit correctly if such features are present, as it is bound to sag immediately when attaching pouches and other things.

Most significantly, the pouches on the sides should allow you to access other items on the beltline. Avoid adding other bulky items on top of your magazines since this will also interfere with proper accessibility.


It is only helpful to bring some gear regardless of the number you wish. Consider getting the necessary gear since your vest is designed with little pockets and can carry fewer items. Apart from that, it is always helpful to avoid complicating things. Moreover, you can make sure that the plate carrier setup needs to have a standard that enables you to be downrange in a hazardous area while reaching the items you need. It would be ideal for quickly accessing each item without lessening the need to check the pouches each time. It is vital to consider arranging your thing to enable efficient reloads and prevent accidental snags with cables or slings.