Photoshop is the most widely used photo-managing software in the world with 90% of the world's creatives.

One of the most favoured parts of this editing tool is the ease of use with Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. Understanding shortcuts is one of the first things you need to know.

A shortcut key is a button/action to complete a complex task with one motion. If you want to make your life easier with Photoshop, look at our list of top shortcuts in the top software.

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Toggle Airbrush Option

Photoshop keyboard shortcuts are one of the most helpful ways to help you finish your projects faster. The toggle airbrush option shortcut is especially helpful when you need to quickly change between airbrush and eraser tools.

Simply pressing the letter 'B' on your keyboard will instantly change between these two tools, saving time and effort in the long run. The toggle airbrush option shortcut is especially helpful when you need quick access to specific features to complete a project.

Pen Tool Option

The Pen Tool Option, one of the best features of Photoshop, is an invaluable asset to many digital illustrators and designers alike. If you don't want to click for a pen tool, these Photoshop commands can help speed up your workflow and finish your project faster.

For example, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T can be used to reposition the entire path of your selection. Another shortcut, Ctrl + Alt + N, will produce a new path that is the same size as the currently selected path.

Lastly, Ctrl + Alt + P quickly displays the path's adjustment handles option. Utilizing these keyboard shortcuts can help simplify the Pen Tool Option workflow, which can help you finish your project in less time.

Zoom In

The "Zoom In" command is a great shortcut that helps you zero in on fine details and use image magnification to get an up-close and personal view of your work. Simply press Command + Plus to zoom in on an image.

For the more advanced user, you can hold down the Option key while pressing the + key to zoom in even further. This is especially helpful when you need to focus on small areas of your project or for retouching and editing.

Zoom Out

To Zoom out, you can press the keyboard combination of "Ctrl + -" (this is "+" plus "-" pressed simultaneously). This may be helpful if your composition is too large and you need a quick way to reduce it without adjusting it manually.

Additionally, you could use this shortcut to quicken the navigation of your image, as it allows you to quickly reduce the scale to fit more of your image in view. Lastly, this shortcut may be a more precise way of reducing your image's scale (compared to manually adjusting the zoom).

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Photoshop keyboard shortcuts are an excellent way for designers to complete projects quickly. These shortcuts provide faster navigation of tools and functions, saving valuable time.

With the right combination of shortcuts, a project that would typically take days can be accomplished in hours. Try out the shortcuts today and discover how they can help you work faster.

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