Fantasy book readers love exciting colours. They want thrilling book titles. You need to use captivating graphics. Besides good content, an exciting book cover will automatically lead to better sales. As a book author, it’s essential to get the cover right. In fantasy books, covers give clues about the book's content. Thus, creativity is vital when writing a book title and cover. A top fantasy book cover designer will always advocate for bold titles. The following are modern fantasy book title trends you should know.

Something Of

Announce your fancy book in style. Choose a bold title. You can use strategy when writing a creative title for a fantasy book. This technique is effective and captivating. It makes the audience want to know what is being announced. You can say The Voyage of Ravens. Also, The Magic of the Gods can be an excellent title. The Lord of Sorrows and the Queen of Forest are other ideas you can use.

Alternatively, you can opt for the constructions of. For instance, The Game of Thrones is one of the best-selling fantasy book titles you can get on the market. This title is captivating and emotion-evoking. The Song of the King is another good idea if you write a book about a loyal family.

The idea here is to be more creative. Use figurative language when coming up with these topics.

Name Magical Objects, Places

Another way of creating friendly titles is using magical objects. Here, you need to name magical objects. For instance, naming weapons is an excellent option when dealing with high and low fantasy titles. Topics such as The Amber of the Spyglass and the Cruise Magic are ideal for top-selling books. Also, the Subtle Sword and the Sword of the Queen can be great titles. Again, creativity is required when creating these types of titles.

One-Word Titles

If you are writing on paranormal romances, this is the best way to write the titles. In particular, a one-word title is ideal for young adult romances. Here, you use just one word. In most cases, an adjective is enough. Words relating to blood, demons, night, love, and vampires are used to create these fantasy book titles. They can also relate to angles, magic, passion, etc.

Top ideas include Need, Fallen, Marked, Bitten, Tainted, Rejuvenated, and Embrace. You can also use other ideas like Twilight, Splintered, Storm, Fire, and Beastly. Before coming up with a one-word title, conduct your research. Think about the title. Get the broader meaning of the word.

Use a word that carries heavy meaning. Top fantasy book writers out there can help you come up with the best title. Hire a suitable writer and send your fantasy book to the next level.

Character Plus Event, Place, Or Timing

These types of titles are prevalent in children’s fantasy books. They are also common in YA fantasy books. In these titles, the author will use a character and complement it with an element such as an event, place, or timing.

For instance, you can use titles such as:
  • John Walking and the Golden Stine
  • Peter Lowing and the Arctic Accident
  • Jane in the Wonderland


Fantasy books are centred on loyalty. Thus, your title can be based on loyalty. Here, there are several ideas you can use. For instance, you can say, Princess Bride, Prince Caspian, The King’s Lover, and Return of The Prince. These titles will tell your audience that your fantasy book is about loyalty.

Magical Talents

As said before, good fantasy books should have exciting characters. Thus, go for characters with magical talents. Choose highly talented characters. Select characters with unique professional backgrounds. You can then use their profession or talents to create a title for your fantasy book.

Focus on what the character does. What is the character’s primary profession? For instance, you can give your fantasy book titles such as the Magician, The Word Master, The War Breaker, The Gunslinger, The Frightening Thief, etc.

Important Relatives

In some cases, relatives can define a character. Here, you don’t define a character by what he/she does. You don’t have to mention what’s the character’s leading magical talent. Instead, mention the character's relatives when coming up with the fantasy book’s main title. For instance, you can say:
  • The Magician’s Daughter
  • Sixth Son
  • The Magician’s Wife
In most cases, this technique is used when dealing with daughters. The following are top ideas you can use when creating your fantasy book’s title:
  • Daughters of the Land
  • Daughter of the Kingdom
  • Midnight’s Daughter
  • The Magician’s Daughter

Anti-Logical Titles

You can also choose titles that go against common logic. These are things that look impossible in the real world. These topics are ideal when writing travel novels. Here, the titles are created from paradox. Using illogical statements in the titles will make your fantasy book unique. For instance, when creating novels on zombies, gothic, or horror, consider using statements that don’t agree with the logic. For instance, you can use topics such as:
  • The Dead Sea
  • The living forest
  • The forest of lost things
  • Never Where
  • The Walking Dead

Puns, References

If you are writing a novel that draws a fairy tale, think about puns and references. These titles are also popular with comic books, zombie fantasy books, and Young Adult fantasy tales. Top titles you can use include Cry Wolf, Ever After, Fairest, Dearly Departed, and Glass Houses.

Perfect Title

Designing a good title can be challenging. However, that shouldn’t scare you from writing your perfect book. The most important thing is to have an idea. Write the book. The title will come later. Besides, there are several professionals out there who can help you come up with that perfect title.

The Bottom-Line

Create a beautiful fantasy book tile. Get inspiration from the best-selling fantasy books out there. Borrow ideas from top-rated fantasy book writers. A captivating book tile will automatically translate to better sales. The above are modern trends used when creating captivating fantasy book titles.