If someone in your life was born between January 20 and February 18, their sun sign is Aquarius, the water-bearer. Aquariuses can be one of the more complex signs in the zodiac to understand, even with quality psychic readings for Aquarius. The confusion starts on an elemental level: Aquarius may have a water-based name, but it is actually an air sign. Aquarius is hard to pin down and may only sometimes be a straightforward communicator. To communicate with an Aquarius in your life, keep a few essential tips in mind.

Get Prepared To Debate

Aquariuses love to discuss abstract topics. If you're trying to capture this sign's attention, you can do worse than bring up a philosophical question or a large-scale issue. However, Aquarius is also an independent and opinionated sign. Bringing up their favourite topics often inspires a debate.

To an Aquarius, a debate is an intellectual exercise. Other signs, particularly fire signs, can be drawn into the argumentative aspect of a debate and may even ascribe emotions to the back-and-forth. Don't interpret Aquarius's questioning nature as doubt, mistrust or underestimating your capabilities. Follow these quick tips for a lively, airy debate:
  • Avoid personal topics or topics that are emotionally loaded for you.
  • Keep answers quick and open-ended.
  • Don't look at the sides as "right and wrong," Instead, try to find the truth in each side.
  • Don't try to "win," Instead, have fun playing and connecting.
Going back and forth on high-level ideas with an Aquarius is a great way to communicate and build friendships with this sign.

Engaging Is Key

Waiting for an Aquarius to come to you is a losing prospect. This sign has a reputation for getting lost in their minds and they rarely go out of their way to pursue a romantic interest or address a problem. To communicate with an Aquarius, expect to do significant legwork on the engagement front.

However, interpret Aquarius's passivity as something other than a lack of interest or care. Many Aquarians hide their shy nature behind a calm facade. As you engage with this sign, that outer shell will often reveal even more compelling and vulnerable aspects of an Aquarius's personality. An Aquarius love horoscope can give you additional insight into what might happen inside an Aquarius's mind.

Bring Aquarius Down to Earth

Occasional direct communication is a must with an Aquarius. If you know the person well, don't be afraid to ask blunt questions to get the answers you seek. Aquarius is a flowing air sign; determining precisely what they think and feel from observation can be like seeing shapes in clouds overhead. Learning to ask direct and pertinent questions saves both sides much frustration.

Understanding someone's sun sign can give you significant insight into their personality and communication style. Accurate horoscopes are only helpful for understanding your own cosmic destiny. Peek at other signs' horoscopes before major social events and take any risks that require good communication.