How Similar Product recommendation Works

Online stores are rapidly becoming the main retail channels for many individuals, as they offer numerous benefits, including affordable products, various brands to compare, a wide range of items available, shopping convenience, and similar product recommendations.

Today, I'll discuss similar product recommendations, one of the main benefits that online retailers offer. To increase retail sales, websites recommend products at the bottom of the page alike or almost similar to what you’re looking at. This is only possible through image similarity search models.

Two important technologies have helped businesses achieve this, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies have helped online retailers recommend similar products to their customers.

Traditional stores have a huge advantage in establishing a solid bond between the brand and customers. Salespersons can quickly learn about customers' interests, needs and intents via live conversations. They can build real connections with consumers and make recommendations.

Regarding online stores, product recommendation engines, known as AI image similarity models, allow businesses to interact with potential customers across their virtual shopping journey. AI image similarity models use potential customers' digital touchpoints with a certain brand to suggest similar products and inspire them to make more purchases.

What Are AI Image Similarity Models?

AI image similarity models are engines that filter and sort online store products based on a set of rules. They utilise data about the products available, including the number of sales, reviews and views to present similar or the most popular items.

The results presentation can be either as the order of the products displayed on category pages or at each customer journey stage. User-specific information, including products, purchase histories, and most viewed categories, enables AI image similarity models to find relevant recommendations for potential buyers.

The recommendations can power numerous customer experience aspects, including special offers. The most common locations of product recommendations include category pages, homepage, cart pages, product pages, social media advertisements, and email marketing campaigns.

Additional locations are pop up on an unavailable product page, blog post and pop-up after adding an item to the shopping basket.

Why Trained Models are so Useful for Retailers

Providing relevant items is a win-win situation for both online stores and customers. The main reasons why trained models are helpful include the following:
  • Better user experience
  • Faster and accurate image recommendations
  • More customer engagement and increased revenue

Final Thoughts

Well-designed and located product recommendations boost conversion rates, enhance increased sales and increase online store users' trust. By using the best product recommendation systems, businesses can be sure to increase their sales and profits significantly.