Enterprise security today is more complicated than ever. The continuous usage of public cloud services after the wide acceptance of private cloud services resulted in a much more diverse and dynamic attack surface to be secured than in the past. Every minute of every day, infiltration attempts, malware samples, and spam messages are sent out due to a robust cybercrime ecosystem. In this matter, you must be protected with highly recommended firewalls and avail it from FortiGate license bundles. This article will discuss FortiGate Security in general, and these are also specified: FortiGate license comparison, FortiGate license price and renewal price, and FortiGate licensing guide.

FortiGate License – Protecting your business 24/7

Industry-leading security capabilities, including intrusion prevention system (IPS), web filtering, secure sockets layer (SSL) inspection, and automated threat protection, are combined by FortiGate NGFWs to provide security-driven networking. The FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFW) from Fortinet offer businesses the best defence against web-based network risks, such as intrusion techniques and known and unknowable dangers. FortiGate Security firewalls expand and reinforce an enterprise's entire security efforts from the network edge to the core, whether deployed on-premise, through virtual hardware, or in the cloud. Indeed, there is no doubt why enterprises choose FortiGate license bundles as it offers explicitly:


Both encrypted and unencrypted communication is successfully shielded by FortiGate NGFWs from malware, security flaws, and risky websites. Integrations with additional Fortinet security services offer deeper security capabilities and more threat intelligence, greatly enhancing security visibility and coverage.


FortiGate NGFWs give security teams a simple-to-use management console that makes it quick and easy to create security automation, track security performance, and fine-tune policy sets.


Organizations may integrate FortiGate NGFWs with a wide range of flexible networking capabilities, including virtual domains and enhanced layer seven security. To enable businesses with a data centre or WAN deployments to maintain operating costs as low as possible, each firewall offers a selection of high-speed interfaces.

Unified Security Fabric

FortiGate NGFWs natively interact with Fortinet's sizable portfolio of security services and products (as well as solutions from authorized partner companies) to provide seamless security coverage and control throughout the whole network.


FortiGate NGFWs use powerful security processor (SPU) technology to maintain optimal speed and security for SSL-encrypted traffic. This technology drives industry-leading security performances with extremely low latency.

How To Get Rid Of Windows Viruses Instantly Using Fortigate

The most recent viruses, spyware, and other content-level dangers are all protected by FortiGuard Antivirus. It employs patented, cutting-edge detection engines that have been shown to stop known and polymorphic malware from infiltrating your network. With 1.8M new AV definitions added each week, FortiGuard intelligence hubs are strategically located worldwide to provide real-time updates and signatures to our customers.

The antivirus scanning processes used by your FortiGate device are created to share network traffic access. This eliminates the need for each feature to inspect the network flow as a separate operation and considerably lowers overhead. For instance, the resources required to carry out file filtering and virus scanning are higher than those required to carry out the virus scanning alone. Not all resources are needed twice for two features.

Antivirus software scans files for viruses, worms, trojans, and other malware. To detect infections, the antivirus scan engine consults a database of virus signatures. The scanner assesses that a file is infected and takes the necessary action if it detects a signature in the file.

Best VPN Comparison For Fortigate Firewalls

Network security is becoming critically and indispensably important daily due to variables like application security, network access control, internal user management, etc. You need to have the most significant infrastructure because your firewalls are the first line of defence between your internal and external networks.

Cisco and Fortinet are the two most essential security firms. Both businesses offer products with a range of attributes. They are well-known but to different degrees and share many of the same features. The primary difference between Fortinet and Cisco Firepower is that Fortinet's next-generation firewalls provide scalable performance and can handle current threats.

Consistent security policies, visibility, and a customized approach are all features of Cisco Firepower. Both companies offer various methods, features, and items in their goods. Fortinet, which is more sophisticated and user-friendly, supports most customs rules, unlike Cisco Firepower, which allows custom rules but could be more user-friendly.

As a result, for Fortinet Fortigate license comparison, this is superior. Due to its ease of implementation, robust feature set, and favourable service and support ratings, it is a more popular choice than the Cisco ASA Firewall. FortiGate's next-generation firewalls provide outstanding performance, thorough security, and deep visibility for complete network protection. Its security processors (SPUs) have in mind scalable performance and low latency.

Furthermore, Fortinet is the only company that can excel at each critical level of network security. Fewer than 50 companies have developed technology capable of efficiently providing prevention and correction, even though practically every security firm claims to be able to identify threats.

Does FortiGate require a license?

You may get IPS functionality, URL Filtering, VPN tunnels, VIPs, routing protocols, DPI, and more with FortiGate firewalls. However, FortiGate will only be able to update its signatures from FortiGuard with a different license. You also won't have the right to contact support. You won't receive the FortiGuard features, security upgrades, or firmware.

How much does a Fortigate license cost?

Security architects must manage these point products without integration and with little visibility. At the same time, they evaluate how to offer complete threat protection for their organizations, including intrusion prevention, web filtering, anti-malware, and application control. With the help of purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard laboratories, Fortinet's FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall provides top-tier security and excellent performance, including encrypted traffic, at a fair price. With automatic visibility into apps, users, and networks, FortiGate minimizes complexity and offers security ratings to follow security best practices.

With its complexity, for use in a home office, the FortiGate license cost ranges from $250 to $300,000 for large enterprise appliances, which is from $300,000.

For Fortinet firewall license renewal price ranges to $2,000.

How Do I Get FortiGate License?

Use your typical Fortinet sales channel to buy a license. Any Fortinet partner can provide licenses under the "bring your own license" (BYOL) licensing model. If you don't have a partner, contact Fortinet to help purchase the license. You receive an assumptive PDF with an activation code once you have paid for a license or obtained an evaluation license (60-day term).

Here's the FortiGate licensing guide to download your license and register:
  1. Create a new account or sign in with an existing one at Customer Service & Support.
  2. To begin the registration procedure, select Asset > Register/Activate. To continue registering the product, enter your license activation code in the Specify Registration Code section and click Next. Input your information in the remaining fields.
  3. Download the license (.lic) file to your computer after completing the registration process.
This license will be uploaded later to activate the FortiGate-VM. Fortinet servers could take up to 30 minutes to completely identify a new license after registration. If you receive any error stating that the license is invalid when uploading the license (.lic) file to activate the FortiGate-VM, wait 30 minutes and try again.

How Do I Check My FortiGate License?

You may verify the licenses for FortiGate devices at Device Manager > License. Then, select the Managed FortiGates group in the Device Manager pane and click the License tab.

Device NameName of the device
Serial NumberThe device's serial number
Firmware VersionThe version of the device's firmware
Support ContractStatus of the support agreement's license. To view expiration information for the following support contracts: hardware, firmware, advanced support, and comprehensive support, hover your cursor over the license status. License status may consist of:
  • NA: No support agreement
  • 24/7: A support contract level that offers service every day of the week, including holidays.
  • 8/5: Level of the support contract
Move the mouse pointer over the cell to view the support contract.
FortiGuard Subscription

The status of FortiGuard's license. The status displays the FortiGuard licensing component with the worst license status. To view information about the IPS & Application Control, Antivirus, Web Filtering, and Email Filtering components, hover your cursor over the license status. License status may consist of:
  • Each is true
  • Terminates in [time]
  • Expired
  • Unknown
Move the mouse cursor over the cell to view information about the FortiGuard subscription.
Service StatusIPS and antivirus service license status:
  • Update accessible
  • Present-day
  • Expired
  • Unknown
Move the mouse pointer over the cell to get information about the service status.
Virtual DomainsTo access the Fortinet support page, click the shopping cart icon (https://support.fortinet.com).

Final Thoughts!

FortiGate has excellent built-in site filtering features, and the VPN is a handy addition. Similar ease of setup applies to a site-to-site VPN. The access point controller functionality is already present in FortiGate-built firewalls; therefore, no further apparatus is required.

Also, one of FortiGate's primary characteristics is that it can be used both on-premises and in the cloud. It's a platform that is amazingly constant, dependable, and stable. A single interface can be used to administer the entire network. You won't have to switch between them as frequently as you would with some other options because of this.

In conclusion, FortiGate is a fantastic choice for remote workers. Additionally, the antivirus and IPS intrusion prevention technologies contribute to the general dependability and stability of the FortiGate system.

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