AKA died on the 10th and Anele Tembe jumped from the 10th floor

AKA fiancée Anele Tembe died in 2021. Her father accused AKA. She jumped from the 10th floor. AKA was shot on the 10th. She was from Durban. AKA was shot in Durban. Coincidence?

Anele Tembe's name shot to the top of the Twitter trends as fans dished their thoughts. AKA's family, affectionately known as the Megacy, are trying to make sense of how a celebrity like AKA can be shot six times at a close range. Peeps have been coming up with various theories, one of which is that it was an assassination. An old video of Nota Baloyi speaking about how powerful Moses Tembe is have also started making the rounds on the micro-blogging app.

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When did Anele Tembe pass away?

Anele Tembe pass away
AKA tragic death dey come about two years after the sad death of im fiancee Anele Tembe. Reports say she died on 11 April 2021 after she fell from the 10th floor of one Cape Town hotel

When did AKA pass away?

AKA pass away
South African rapper AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, died on 10 February, his parents Tony and Lynn Forbes confirmed in a statement shared to his Instagram. He was 35 years old.

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