Healthy Eating

Did you know that many people gain a lot of weight during the summer months because of vacations?

While taking a trip somewhere with your friends and family is fun, you want to return with only a few more pounds than when you left. Luckily, there are some things you can do while on vacation to ensure that you eat healthily and stay active.

Here are some things you can do on vacation to keep fit and not lose weight.

1. Choose Healthy Restaurants

Look for restaurants that offer locally-sourced, organic ingredients and dishes made from scratch when eating on vacation. Avoid processed foods, and opt for grilled, steamed, or roasted items.

2. Make Smart Snack Choices

Pack fresh and healthy snacks full of fiber, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, and popcorn. Ensure to incorporate healthy proteins or complex carbs full of fiber and have some staying power. Avoid snacks with excess sugar, sodium, and fats that can cause a crash afterward.

3. Take Walks

Whether it's a walk to explore your destination or just a stroll around the block, making the time to walk can help you stay active and healthy. Walking allows you to take in the sights, learn your way around the area, and burn extra calories.

Depending on your fitness level, try to get in between 30-60 minutes of walking daily. Wearing a pedometer or fitness tracker can help you to stay on track with your vacation health.

4. Stretch in the Morning

Stretching first thing in the morning is a great way to wake up your body and warm your muscles while preparing for the day ahead. This could include simple stretches such as toe touches, lunges, or yoga poses.

5. Choose a Light Fitness Program

Check out sites like Beyond Body Review for enjoyable light fitness activities that take up only a little of your vacation time. This way, you can be held accountable while still going out and about enjoying your time. In doing these activities, you won't feel guilty when you eventually go home to your reality.

6. Stay Hydrated

Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up often. This can help remind you to drink water throughout the day rather than just when thirsty. Additionally, opt for beverages with no added sugar or lower-calorie drinks like sparkling water or tea.

7. Establish and Stick to a Routine

Establishing and sticking to a routine while on vacation can help you make healthy and impactful decisions. You won't stray from planned exercises or healthy meals because you already know what you will do. It will keep you active and healthy.

8. Don't Drink Too Much Alcohol

Binge drinking on vacations can contribute to unhealthy lifestyles and habits. And it can increase your hunger for unhealthy food options.

This is why you need to plan how much alcohol you will consume. You need to space out drinks throughout your holiday to ensure you do not overindulge.

Being Active Means Enjoying Your Vacation

My final takeaway on vacationing healthily and actively is to plan. Ensure you have healthy snack options, plenty of water, and opportunities for physical activity. Extra steps will keep you healthy and on track with your health goals.

Don't miss out on the fun – try these tips on being active!

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