Types of Beer

Are you looking to improve your beer knowledge? You may have just started drinking beer and would like to learn the different beer types there. Before you go to the store, it's good to know what you're looking for.

As a beer fan, you've probably tried several beer beverages. Sometimes, it can be challenging to discern them, and it might leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

So how can you get the best out of your drinking hobby? Let's get started! Keep reading to learn more about this favourite drink of yours.

Lager Beers

Lager beers are light, crisp, and refreshing and typically have fewer ingredients and a lower ABV than others. They come in many different forms, such as:


Pilsner beers are light, golden-coloured with a slight bitterness balance and a moderate hop aroma. Craft brewers have taken pilsner styles to a new level by experimenting with various ingredients, such as hops, fruit, and spices.


Helles is a traditional German lager-style beer with a light, bright colour. Also, it has a mild hop flavour and a slight malty sweetness. It is a classic summertime beer and pairs well with lighter foods like salads, sausages, and grilled chicken.


These beers begin as a pale lager, but they have the unique approach of using especially stewed malts which make the colour a deep, reddish-brown. They are low in hop flavour and aroma, very smooth, and provide a sweet toasted malt character.

Vienna lagers have moderate to high bitterness, and the alcohol content generally ranges from 4.7 to 5.4%.

Märzen or Oktoberfest

Originating in Bavaria, Germany, in 1810, Märzenbier is a full-bodied, malty, seasonal lager. It is typically yellow to copper in colour, medium-bodied, and contains balanced hop bitterness. It often includes a higher ABV than traditional German Oktoberfest beer.

Furthermore, styles vary from bready and toasty to sweet and caramel with a hint of fruitiness.


Bock beers are dark, caramel-coloured malt beers with a bit of hop bitterness and a warm, comforting finish. They are often served warm but can also be enjoyed cold.

In addition, bock beers are brewed using traditional methods, allowing them to have a more extended fermentation period and richer flavour.

Belgian Ales

Belgian Ales are a style of beer classically associated with Belgium, though it is brewed worldwide. They are generally divided into four main categories:
  • Trappist
  • Abbey
  • Saison
  • Lambic beers
Trappist beers are known for their rich, complex flavours and often with higher alcohol content, while Abbey beers feature a similar flavour but more moderate strength. Also, Saison imparts a rustic, spicy flavour and usually contains more wheat.

Lambic beers also differentiate through spontaneous fermentation, imparting a bold, tart flavour. Ultimately, all Belgian Ales are known for their rich, nuanced flavours and variety of flavours. This makes them the perfect beer for any occasion.

Wheat Beer

Wheat beers, also known as white beer, take their name from their main ingredient, wheat. This contains a large amount of wheat, usually between 50-70% of the grain bill. The result is a beer with a lighter, less crisp taste and body.

In addition, wheat beers tend to have a fruity, banana-like flavour due to the influence of yeast in brewing beer. They can also be flavoured with herbs, spices, and fruits to create different flavour variations.

Stouts and Porters

This style is usually made with dark malts like roasted barley and may have some chocolate or coffee notes. Stouts can range from sweet to dry and often contain higher alcohol content.

Porters are more complex in flavour than stouts, although they are similarly dark in colour. Additionally, these beers are usually low in hop bitterness and show off their malt flavours.

Pale Ales

Pale Ale is an everyday, easy-drinking beer that is well-balanced and smooth. Also, it is brewed with Cascade and Centennial hops and fermented with a blend of Ale and lager yeast. They are usually light to medium-bodied and relatively low in alcohol content.

Further, it has a sweet malt character upfront, followed by tropical fruit and citrus notes. This refreshing beer has a bright bitter finish that will linger in your mouth.

Hoppy and Bitter IPAs

India Pale Ale is a classic beer style that has existed since colonial times. It is characterized by a heavy hop, bitterness, and a light, dry flavour.

Additionally, traditional English IPA is known for its full-bodied maltiness and intense hop character, while the American IPA adds tropical fruitiness to the beer. This distinction in taste comes from the use of different hop varieties, as well as varying levels of bitterness.

Moreover, the hoppy and bitter IPA is a great beer to enjoy when you want a big hop flavour with intense bitterness.

Sour Beers

This style is produced through a deliberate wild fermentation approach, including introducing various yeast and bacteria strains. It results in a tart and acidic flavour profile without any bitterness.

Also, it can vary drastically in flavour, ranging from mellow and fruity, to tart and acidic, to a complex mix of various flavours. They are often low in alcohol and are very refreshing.

Furthermore, sour beers are aged in wood barrels, adding complexity and oxidation and even more nuance to the flavour. Popular styles include Berliner Weisse, Lambic, Gueuze, and Flanders Red.

Enjoying Your Drink With Specialty Beer Accessories

From casual gatherings to more formal occasions, enjoying your drink with appropriate beer add-ons can significantly enhance the experience. There is a vast range of different items to choose from, like:
  • Beer glasses and mugs
  • Fermenters
  • Steins and funnels
  • Stirrers and coolies
  • Distinctive steins for unique beers
  • Coolers to keep your beer cold
  • Wine bottle openers
Ultimately, these special brewing equipment are available for those who wish to make their own beer. Whether the enthusiast is an experienced brewer or just starting out, check out this shop for blank novelty coolies today and start making it an exciting hobby.

A Guide to the Different Types of Beer

There are many types of beer, each with its own unique flavour. From pilsners and lagers to ales and IPAs, you can explore a wide selection of beer beverages. So go ahead, try them all and find your favourite!

Remember to keep an eye out for seasonal styles and special releases. You'll never know what might surprise and delight you.

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